Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Christmas Afternoon Tea: Lounge on the Park, Mandarin Oriental.

I simply couldn’t resist the word “high tea”! For me, it resembles a pretty tea pot and 3 tiers of too-lovely-to-eat dessert.

Experiencing afternoon tea at The Ritz-Carlton was in my birthday wish list last year but after reading reviews in Baby Sumo’s blog, I thought I’d give Mandarin Oriental a shot instead. Hehe! By the way, Chris reads Baby Sumo’s blog too. So when there’s any good find, we’d share the link among us and discuss together which one worth to try out. Cheers to food blogs!

But instead of going on my birthday, we went on Christmas’s eve. Tagging along together with us was my cousin sister, Mun.

Peppermint Tea. Although I’m not a tea person but I simply love peppermint tea. Very refreshing and cooling. But for some, it might taste like toothpaste :9

Christmas Afternoon Tea Set. Sugar overdose!

Macaron. Lemon for Earl Grey Tea. Scone. Assorted Butter & Jams.

I can’t say I enjoyed everything on the tray as some were overly sweet, but I like the sandwiches and scones. And the butter and cream. The scones were not as good as The Ritz (London) though. The freshly baked scones at The Ritz are to-die-for!

Silly faces of us. Sugar high!

Based on my experience at The Ritz, I already warned myself, Chris and Mun to keep an empty stomach before going but still, there were leftovers on the tray! We are lousy eaters… -_-

The good thing is, you can pack home the leftovers but at that moment you might want to say - PLEASE DON’T LET ME SEE ANYTHING SWEET ANYMORE!

Nevertheless, we had a pleasure time there. I especially enjoyed very much the live piano music and Christmas songs playing on the background.

Ok, end of high tea story. Now…… let’s countdown to Chinese New Year! New clothes are waiting for me in the wardrobe! I’m lucky this year, I manage to find clothes for CNY! Basically, I have started to collect since months ago. This is due to my past experience... I used to have difficulties in finding nice (and red) clothes for CNY because I shopped at the last minute like 2 weeks before. So, better start collecting early! :D


She is Mun, my lil’ (cousin) sista. She is one good girl! She does all the house chores, she cooks, she is caring, she is humble, she has a kind heart… how often do you stumble upon a teenage girl like her nowadays? I mean, I’m proud of her!


  1. You should also try the one at hilton kl. :) They put quite a lot of effort into the sandwiches

  2. Michelle: Ohh ok! Will keep that in mind! Thanks for the suggestion! =D

    Baby Sumo: Sadly, nope.. :( because it was too sweet for my liking. But I'm wondering if macaron suppose to be that sweet?

  3. Is there any macaron that you like? Macarons are sweet lor = almond + lots of sugar ma to make it. Actually the ones here considered not too sweet edi.

  4. ..... yes, there is one shop, Whisk at Empire Gallery. I like thier chocolate flavour mini macaron. But always sold out! I ate only once. Thier version is not too sweet and quite moist inside (perhaps due to freshly made).

    Or maybe, macarons are just not for me? :/

  5. Love tea session gossiping with friends too :P


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