Monday, June 03, 2013

I'd go back to December

I love December.

There are Christmas, New Year’s Eve and my Birthday! What’s not to love about December? :)

It’s even greater when during the year-end holidays, you get to escape from the city you are living to another city. That’s what we did. 4 hours flight away, to a beautiful as ever metropolitan – Hong Kong. It’s no secret that we love Hong Kong. There’s so much to do in Hong Kong – shopping, eat, shopping, eat, eat… Err, that’s probably all we did in Hong Kong. Lol! This was the most unplanned trip – no itinerary, no research done (except for Chris who has did some research for my birthday dinner’s venue). On some days, we didn’t even know where to head to after we got out from the hotel. A real holiday is about being empty-minded, take things slow, get lazy and waste a good 1 ½ hour queuing for a bowl of famous Japanese ramen…

Yes, you've read it right, 1 ½ hour for Butao Ramen, 豚王 at Lan Kwai Fong! The snake-long queue just kept growing longer and longer on the street, while the 300sqft stall could only accommodate lesser than 20 diners at a time. But you’ll know the queue is worthwhile when you have your first sip of the thick and sticky broth.

The onsen egg was the best I’ve had thus far. I also couldn’t refrain myself from adding (a lot of) the complimentary condiments on the table such as self-grind toasted sesame (love!!) and pickled vegetables. From being ushered to our seat to done eating, took us only about 20 minutes! You know, the pressure of having 3 dozens of people queuing up across to the street, waiting for you to get out from the stall so that they could have your seat! Because it was so good, we went to their branch at Causeway Bay the next morning and guess what? No queue! Perhaps it was still very early and not many know about this new branch?

Ok, done with ramen!

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