Thursday, January 10, 2013

Gold Coast: Sirromet Winery

One of the highlights of our Gold Coast trip has got to be the winery tour and tasting at Sirromet. But no, I’m not a wine drinker. In fact, I find myself frowning in disgust every time I have a sip. Boo! I can never be an atas people or even try acting as one. I just don’t know how to appreciate wine and totally not a fan of any alcoholic beverages. I only drink on some special occasion when I’m in a jolly spirit and when I’m at places that only serve boozy liquids. And when I want to act cool. I consider myself as a dummy social drinker who has zero knowledge about wine and beer. But we are never too old to learn! I saw this winery tour while I was doing research for our Gold Coast trip and I knew right away that Chris would love it!

The tour began with a brief explanatory about the winery background and history by our tour guide, followed by a tour inside their production factory. I was listening very carefully like a student, trying to catch every word the tour guide said because she spoke a little too fast. Or perhaps my English understanding is very low -_-... The entire tour took less than 45 minutes. And now, aha! The best part of the tour – wine tasting! We get to try about 7-8 types of wine. The tour lady opened up a new bottle of wine sequentially, from light to stronger flavour for us to try while briefly describing some facts about each wine.

Love this picture very much.
By: Chris's Mum

Of all the wine we tasted, LOVE MY SWEET SPARKLING ROSÉ is “my glass of wine”. Well, not hard to guess – it’s a very light tasting sparkling wine with a hint of sweetness and most of all, it’s pink in colour! A very romantic-ish wine! In fact, I heard this wine is pretty popular for wedding banquet. Towards the end of wine tasting, I was feeling giddy…for the first time ever in my life! My body felt light, vision was a little blurry, I had a light blush on my face… Actually I kind of miss my giddiness moment. I looked pretty, blush-y and happy! Lol!

The greenish surrounding at Sirromet is so soothing for the eyes and great for photography too. It’s a very ideal venue for wedding ceremony or celebration of any sort.

Sitting on the green grass, looking at the picturesque view of blue sky and mountains in front of me while breathing in the fresh green air.. I felt so thankful. Thankful that I able to see this beautiful view with my own eyes, thankful that I can be here, thankful that I have the opportunity experience different culture… I’m so blessed :)

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