Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Gold Coast: Whale Watch

June to October is the best time to go whale watching. Since we were going on the month of August, we grabbed this opportunity to add whale watching into our lifetime experience. Although I must say, the price for this experience doesn’t come cheap. We took the combo ticket which includes the whale watch and one time entry to Sea World.

We were strongly advised to take the sea sickness pills to prevent us from getting, well, sea sickness as wind was pretty strong that morning. And hell, I was so regret! That stupid pill caused me extreme drowsiness for the entire day! I think even the real sea sickness wouldn’t be that bad. We need to be really concentrated and focused because the whales might leap up the surface anytime but my eyes were so heavy! I tried so hard to stay awake because I didn’t want to miss a single thing!

During the 3 hours cruise, we managed to watch a couple of whale’s movements which they termed it as “the blow”, “tail slap”, “tail lifts” and “breach”. A lucky day for us indeed :) But sadly, the drowsiness ruined my whale watching experience a little :(

The cruise terminal is located beside Sea World. So right after the whale watch, we entered to the Sea World since we were there already. But my memories about Sea World were all blurry as I was drowsy, drowsy, drowsy all the way…. @@ My knees were so weak, I swear I could sleep on the floor or anywhere I don’t care! What left in my brain was the picture of the happy dolphin face, the handsome jet stunt performers and … fish and chips?

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