Monday, November 05, 2012

Surprise Bel!

“The pump you brought is not working!”

“F*ck, why these balloons are so hard to blow??”

“Ok stop laughing! Keep blowing!”

“This is my first blow job ever!”

“My brain is out of oxygen…(panting)”

These were the scenarios during the setting up progress! Lol!

Nothing fancy though, just some balloons on the floor and a cake.

Looking at the Bel’s surprised and teary face, it was all so worth it! Oh yes, that silly girl cried the moment she entered the room and saw the cake with 29 candles lighted on it :)

….or maybe she cried because she was thinking “WTF? After all these years, all I got was a cake and some lousy balloons. The balloons somemore cannot float in the air one!”

Lol! But I’m pretty sure she was genuinely touched and happy, and it was rather out of her expectation because her actual birthday was 3 weeks ago.

We love you Bel! Many hugs!


  1. Hi darling, i am very sorry that I have totally neglected blogsphere including yours, have been active in instagram lately with you and darling nicole. Regards to the surprise birthday..oh yes I have slightest imagination when I overheard susan accidentally spill out the secret but never give much thought because I want to keep expectation low * to protect myself just in case..haha there is no birthday surprise for me.

    Honestly, I was really REALLY touched with I saw the balloons and the cake + 29 candles! The image of you 3 gals blew the balloon was played in my mind, I can imagine how difficult it was eventhough if the pump is working, not to mention you all blew it with mouth. Gosh it must be so "san fu".

    Tears came down, never thought you all really did this for me. Going through all the hassle just for me. Thank you gals. Thank you very much for making 29th birthday memorable!!!!! :)

    1. It's alright darling! Like I said, I seldom update my blog too. Sometimes I even thought of closing the blog for good and just update in Insta / FB.

      You would be more surprised if Sus did not accidentally spilled some beans out! But it doesn't matter, I know you will still feel happy :) Yeah, the balloon blowing part was rather chaotic but it was fun nevertheless!

      It's our pleasure Bel, to be able to celebrate your birthday with you. Hugs & kiss!

  2. Aww so sweet. Happy Belated Birthday to your friend, Bel.

    1. Thank you Baby Sumo! (on behalf of my friend, Bel) :)

    2. Hi Baby Sumo! Thanks :)

  3. omg! lololololx its so f'ing funny the scenario the playback script! our conversation XD (laughing tears) it was fun preparing bel's surprise =D sorry bel its just a simple do.. we couldn't do much as u r wit us thru out the whole trip hahaha its hard to distract u!

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