Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Girls just wanna have some fun!



Chicken Rice

Durian Cendol

Mille Crepe

Satay Celup

= The ultimate food-and-fun girlfriends weekend getaway to Melaka!


Because the excitement, the fun, the bonding... is simply indescribable!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bali: Must go!

There are simply too many fine dining restaurants and posh hangout places in Bali with prices that won’t make your jaw drops. ‘Affordable luxury’ is the best word to describe. If I were to plan a short getaway for birthday or anniversary celebration, Bali will definitely be in my top list!

Because I would loveee to go back to these few places :

Sardine Restaurant

Meal with a green paddy field view! Or so we thought… because the paddy was harvested! So what’s in front of us was a big brownish pond instead of nice & tall paddies. There were some "greens" left for us though… the grass on the side, yes thank you.

Ignore my lame pun because the actual fact is, the view was lovely even without the green paddies. The decorations and lightings along the paddy field set a tranquil and relaxing ambience. They also have the best background music – insect sounds. Real one! Add in some random froggy’s croaks and there you go, the best nature music.

Sardine has definitely brought my dining experience to another level. They made our first dinner in Bali a very memorable one.

P/s: The usherer/customer service (not sure what her job title is but definitely not a waitress) was so pretty and hot! Candy for the eye, hehe :P

Pp/s: Come to think of it, we can actually do something like Sardine in Malaysia! For an instance, at Sekinchan! Loads of paddy field there. Investor investor, where are you??

Rock Bar

We queued 2 hours for this!! There is a price (and time) to pay for good stuffs. Rumour has it that the queue usually starts at 4pm. So it’s wise to be there early if you don’t want to miss the sunset time or if you want to skip the long queue, be their hotel guest! By the way, Rock Bar is located inside Ayana Resort and Spa. Needless to say, their room rate doesn’t come cheap. I have checked - the rate for their resort view room (the most affordable room option) starts from USD215.10 per night.

It was about 7pm when we finally get to enter Rock Bar. Obviously, we missed the sunset but instead of being upset about it, we compensated our 2 hours wait by having drinks and finger foods and chat and hang around till late night. Our chat and laughter were accompanied by the sea breeze and the sound of waves all night long – mmmh, just perfect.

Potato Head Beach Club

We were walking through a pathway with walls decorated with old and vintage windows when Nic said “Are you ready to be impressed?”. Yes we were. Very much. I felt as though I have entered into another world. A world with no worries, just fun and laughter. And party till the dawn!!
The pool, the beach, the music beat, the drinks, the food, the people, the sunbed, the starry night sky, the cool sea breeze… this is where you’ll want to live forever! Ok, maybe not forever but it is definitely the coolest place to have a few beers and a lot of gossips!

By the way, we managed to secure a sunbed where I almost fell asleep on if Nic wasn’t blabbing non-stop beside me. Hehe! The sunbed is probably the best option because you can sit and lie down however you want, and just chill out.

Now, who wants to bring me back to Bali??

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Peanut Butter Cake

… the sneaky way!

I was appointed to make a dessert for the Raya Potluck gathering at Nic’s. Unlucky me. Because as much as I love to eat dessert, I had never NEVER made/baked any dessert! Except maybe Red Bean Soup?

Initially, my dear friends were requesting for Tiramisu. But as I read on to the recipes on the internet, I actually need an electric whisk to do it. In fact, electric whisk is a very basic and a must-have tool in baking but I don’t have it, not even the manual one. And I don’t have an oven to save my life. Very pathetic, I know. So I promised myself to must however get an oven for my future kitchen! There are so much things that I can do with an oven! Not to mention, I’ve been longing to have my own kitchen for the longest time! Wait you all, I’m going to wow you all with Pumpkin Bread Pudding and Maple Cheesecake! *downloading recipes*

For the time being, I shall just go for no-bake dessert recipes. I found a Chocolate Truffle recipe on the internet which seems pretty easy to do but while I was looking for the ingredients at Jaya Grocer, I found something even better – the Jell-O Peanut Butter Cupcake box (read: Dessert for Dummies Box). What caught my eyes were the big “No Bake” words on the box! Still need an electric whisk but I decided to try my luck with manual whisk. So alongside with the PBC box, I also bought a manual whisk and a tray.

I was supposed to do a first trial before the day comes but I got no time and I only bought one box! So die-die also cannot fail!

Basically, all ingredients are provided in the box except for fresh milk and butter. The steps are also printed clearly on the box. So what I did was just instructing Chris to follow the steps mix and whisk and refrigerate. Pretty fun actually! I could see Chris was enjoying the whisking job very much :D

I’m sure baking is fun! Omg, I really REALLY can’t wait to have my own kitchen and oven!

So this is the outcome. Ignore the presentation please, thank you. The filling was a little too sweet for my liking but overall, it tasted alright. To my relief, my girlfriends were pleased and a little impressed too (I think). Not after I mentioned to them about the Dessert for Dummies box though. Lol!

I tried to act up as if I’m a baking pro but when they started to ask “What ingredients you used for the filling?”, I answered “Well.. ermm….peanut butter, flour, sugar and….(shit what else?)” and there, I could see Nic was staring at me with a suspicious eyesight and I knew I have to tell the truth! See I told you, I’m sucks at cheating! Sorry girls, I used the shortcut way this time! :P

Again, wait till I have my own kitchen I’ll make you all Honey Glazed Pineapple Cherry Sweet Crumbly Amazing Yummy Tart!!

Monday, October 01, 2012


… kickass years baby! Yee haw!

Don’t worry, you are not going to read very cheesy words or phrase here because I have decided to skip that entirely and make it short and sweet.

The truth is, after so many years together…. you think still got cheese meh??

No cheese... but we got a lot of honey….. ♥

I'm sorry, did I just say it’s not going to be cheesy?

You're still the one I run to
The one that I belong to
You're still the one I want for life

| You’re still the one, Shania Twain |

Let’s step into a new exciting journey together with love and laugther :)

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