Tuesday, September 11, 2012

How I gained 3kg in 3 days at Bali!

I kid you not! Steer away from this country if you are a diet freak!

Nah, I’m joking. No! I’m actually not!

Just look at what I ate……….

Nasi Campur | Warung Made
Gado-gado | Warung Made
Emping | Warung Made
Chicken Quesadillas | Naughty Nuri's
BBQ Pork Rib | Naughty Nuri’s
Grilled Fish | Warung Made
Babi Guling! | Pak Malen’s
Baked Salmon with Tomato and Zucchini Confit | Potato Head Beach Club

And that’s just half of what I eaten at Bali!

Aheemm, excuse me for a second as I need to say out loud – I MISS BABI GULING!!
I know it’s bad for the artery but just, it’s really really so good that I don’t mind gaining an extra 0.5kg for this. Never mind, I can do 100 x sit-ups to compensate later.

And emping too! Extremely crispy! Couldn’t stop munching on them. We tapao-ed a pack back to Malaysia but I didn’t get to eat it, hmmph!

Credits to Nicole for recommending all the atas eating places! And Budi (our driver in Bali) for bringing us to this awesome babi guling stall and Naughty Nuri’s :)

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