Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tanah Lot, Uluwatu Temple & Dreamland Beach ☀

Being a first timer (Chris & I) in Bali, a visit to famous tourist spots like Tanah Lot and Uluwatu Temple is a must.

Tanah Lot being one of the most famous landmarks in Bali has endless stream of tourists flowing in time to time. So, expect a lot of walking photobombs!

Unavoidable photobombs.

The weather was sunny hot! But along with hot sun, we had a nice blue sky and white cloud – the best natural elements for gorgeous snapshots.

Nice clear blue sky

I bought this orange-blue-white straw hat at one of their many stalls and it ended up a very good prop for picture :D

We went to Uluwatu Temple  on our 3rd day in the evening. It was a quick tour as we had to rush to Dreamland Beach before sunset. As we have heard of, there were a lot of monkeys wandering around. We were told by the driver to take off all our earrings and necklace, especially shiny things that can easily caught their attention. Also, make sure your bag is zipped and hold it tight with you. Better be safe than sorry. Sneaky monkeys they are! We were pretty lucky to have our driver as our guide along the way into the temple. He made us feel safe and he brought us to all nice spots for pictures and.. he was our photographer too. Oh he is a sweet guy! Do let me know if you want his contact!

Legs covered with sarong.

With Budi, our lovely driver.

Don't look down! We risked our life standing here to take photo :|

Dreamland Beach

Our driver drove as fast as he could from Uluwatu Temple to Dreamland Beach as we were chasing for the sunset! It was as though we were in a rollercoaster ride! What an adventure! But the sunset did not wait for us :( We only managed to catch a few glimpses of the sunset before it completely disappeared in front of us.

Tarik lembu. But who's the lembu?

Batu & Ketam.

But the evening sky was beautiful still… :)


  1. Seem like u really had a fun trip from all your photos :)

  2. I mad love ur blog!!!! i m so freaking lazy to update mine T_T!!! dunno wat crap to write lol! anyways.. sending my love to u n Chris! see u this sat! =D


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