Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Beach Shopping

One of the very few photos we took on our first day.

It never came across my mind that Bali is a shopping paradise! You would think that Bali is a place that you can get a lot of handmade and handcrafted things but they actually have far more than that. I mean fashion boutiques! There are a lot one of a kind and unique boutiques with own branding selling trendy clothes, accessories and beachwear!

This is the bikini that I bought at Oberoi Street

We spent about 2 hours shop hopping at Oberoi Street on our very first day and if only we didn’t have to rush to Sardine for dinner, we would have shopped till the closing hours! Everything looked delicious but not all came with an affordable price tag. Yet, I got some lucky finds that evening – a lovely dress, a shawl, a set of bikini and a dreamcatcher necklace. 800 thousand… just like that!

Indonesian Rupiah, by the way.

At Ku De Ta

Ok, so to the beach we went to get away from all the shopping traps!

But… don’t you know that there is a thing called Beach Shopping? Now I know! We were literally surrounded by a bunch of Indonesian ladies selling handmade accessories, shawls, sundresses and they even provide hair braiding, massage, manicure and pedicure services! One stop services, by the beach, great! But the big boss was neither me nor Chris, it was Nicole! Not hard to guess eh :D Besides buying a lot of accessories from them, she also did pedicure and hair braids #likeaboss

Lazy afternoon ~

And price negotiation is a must! Their 1st price is always sky high and unreasonable! Nic was the price negotiator while I was the currency convertor.

While Nic was busy doing pedicure and hair braids, I camwhore-d sendiri.

When the wind blows...

Bought some shawls as souvenir. The sweet pastel colours were too lovely to resist.

All in all, we spent about 3 hours at Ku De Ta. We were there for breakfast actually but we hung out a little longer than planned. But as I said, flexibility is what we had.


  1. Replies
    1. But it seems that the design and colors only suitable for beach look :P

  2. i love you coordi! always very colourful and bright.

    1. Ya I'm very much into bright colors clothing now, to cheat my age! :D

  3. Your outfit is very summerly. I can't wait to visit this place someday!



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