Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Kei Villa, Seminyak

Staying at villa with a private pool is something that I had always wanted to experience. So at the very beginning stage of our Bali trip planning, I told my travel buddies this little wish of mine without hesitation and I was glad they were up for it too! We started our villa hunting about 1 ½ month before our travel date which was pretty last minute and I gotta tell you, it wasn’t all easy peasy job.

There are wayyyy too many villas in Bali! Big one, small one, new one, old one, crazy expensive one, cheap one, balinese style, modern contemporary design, castle-like exterior, sun/sea/garden/beach theme……… pening! And in what seems like a million of options, we had to choose ONE that we can call our home in Bali for 3 nights! There I was doing my part - sitting hours in front of the computer screen with a full row of window tabs, scrolling up and down checking prices and reviews in tripadvisor,, agoda, send enquiry…. And also at the same time exchanging infos with my spicy candy, Nic. Fuuuuuu! That was probably the most “enjoyable” part of the trip!
Welcome to our Villa :D

This is it! The cherry of all honey pies! (Ignore if you don’t understand this self-created phrase)
Master bedroom and 2nd bedroom have a fair share of pool view.

Kei Villa! Great location (in Seminyak), good reviews in TripAdvisor, price is within our budget (at, new, modern contemporary design – all checked! You are the ONE!
Bicycle ride anyone?
Living room.

Everything turned out as what we saw in the website. What you see is what you get. If I were to really pick a bone in the egg (as the Chinese saying), it would be the 2nd room’s sliding door which didn’t function very well that we had to call to reception to send people over to fix it for 2 times. Faulty door aside, everything was almost perfect. Service was very prompt too.
Happy breakfast, happy morning!

Breakfast is included, as most of the villas do. The breakfast option was pretty standard. Taste-wise, just ok. I did not have a high expectation anyway but it was lovely to wake up to a hearty breakfast and fruit juice all readily served on the dining table ♥
Pool area.

We dipped in the pool every night to make our money worthwhile.

which..… is not true!

We wished we could but there were simply too many hip hangout places out there that we must go! In fact, total time we spent in the pool was less than… 1 hour? But we did chill out (and camwhore) at the poolside very often during our 3 days stay.

Beach alone.

A plus point for beach bums, Petitenget beach is just about 5 minutes’ walk away. But you have to actually walk further to find yourself a bench to put your things and rest AND you will need to pay a small fee to the “person in charge” there. Just remember to negotiate the fees with them.

Cheers for a great stay in Bali!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Beach Shopping

One of the very few photos we took on our first day.

It never came across my mind that Bali is a shopping paradise! You would think that Bali is a place that you can get a lot of handmade and handcrafted things but they actually have far more than that. I mean fashion boutiques! There are a lot one of a kind and unique boutiques with own branding selling trendy clothes, accessories and beachwear!

This is the bikini that I bought at Oberoi Street

We spent about 2 hours shop hopping at Oberoi Street on our very first day and if only we didn’t have to rush to Sardine for dinner, we would have shopped till the closing hours! Everything looked delicious but not all came with an affordable price tag. Yet, I got some lucky finds that evening – a lovely dress, a shawl, a set of bikini and a dreamcatcher necklace. 800 thousand… just like that!

Indonesian Rupiah, by the way.

At Ku De Ta

Ok, so to the beach we went to get away from all the shopping traps!

But… don’t you know that there is a thing called Beach Shopping? Now I know! We were literally surrounded by a bunch of Indonesian ladies selling handmade accessories, shawls, sundresses and they even provide hair braiding, massage, manicure and pedicure services! One stop services, by the beach, great! But the big boss was neither me nor Chris, it was Nicole! Not hard to guess eh :D Besides buying a lot of accessories from them, she also did pedicure and hair braids #likeaboss

Lazy afternoon ~

And price negotiation is a must! Their 1st price is always sky high and unreasonable! Nic was the price negotiator while I was the currency convertor.

While Nic was busy doing pedicure and hair braids, I camwhore-d sendiri.

When the wind blows...

Bought some shawls as souvenir. The sweet pastel colours were too lovely to resist.

All in all, we spent about 3 hours at Ku De Ta. We were there for breakfast actually but we hung out a little longer than planned. But as I said, flexibility is what we had.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Tanah Lot, Uluwatu Temple & Dreamland Beach ☀

Being a first timer (Chris & I) in Bali, a visit to famous tourist spots like Tanah Lot and Uluwatu Temple is a must.

Tanah Lot being one of the most famous landmarks in Bali has endless stream of tourists flowing in time to time. So, expect a lot of walking photobombs!

Unavoidable photobombs.

The weather was sunny hot! But along with hot sun, we had a nice blue sky and white cloud – the best natural elements for gorgeous snapshots.

Nice clear blue sky

I bought this orange-blue-white straw hat at one of their many stalls and it ended up a very good prop for picture :D

We went to Uluwatu Temple  on our 3rd day in the evening. It was a quick tour as we had to rush to Dreamland Beach before sunset. As we have heard of, there were a lot of monkeys wandering around. We were told by the driver to take off all our earrings and necklace, especially shiny things that can easily caught their attention. Also, make sure your bag is zipped and hold it tight with you. Better be safe than sorry. Sneaky monkeys they are! We were pretty lucky to have our driver as our guide along the way into the temple. He made us feel safe and he brought us to all nice spots for pictures and.. he was our photographer too. Oh he is a sweet guy! Do let me know if you want his contact!

Legs covered with sarong.

With Budi, our lovely driver.

Don't look down! We risked our life standing here to take photo :|

Dreamland Beach

Our driver drove as fast as he could from Uluwatu Temple to Dreamland Beach as we were chasing for the sunset! It was as though we were in a rollercoaster ride! What an adventure! But the sunset did not wait for us :( We only managed to catch a few glimpses of the sunset before it completely disappeared in front of us.

Tarik lembu. But who's the lembu?

Batu & Ketam.

But the evening sky was beautiful still… :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

In love with... Bali ! ☀

Totally in love with this place! This entire trip was filled with all great food, great services, beautiful beaches, lip-smacking awesome hangout places and most of all, great companions! The 3 of us made a great trip together! 3 might sound like an odd number when it comes to travelling, but surprisingly it turned out to be the best combination ever :) I’m so grateful that everything turned out right and smooth sailing all along.

I’m going to be very straightforward here to admit that I was just 50-50 about whether the trip would be an enjoyable one or not as I had some not-so-happy experiences travelling with friends before. Planning and going to a holiday trip with friends for me is like putting the friendship into a big test! It’ll either make or break your friendship. Yes, it is that serious. He/she might be an ultimate nice person and a best friend of yours, but when it comes to travelling together, it’s entirely a different story. Not that I had really bad experience but a little hiccups here and there almost made me want to give up on travelling with friends altogether! But I’m glad I did not because otherwise, I would not have found a great travel companion – Nic!

She is a great entertainer, very chatty, has endless stories to share… we have the chemistry together, we are a vain pot, we are a hard-core camwhorer, we love to eat, we love to stalk on bimbo bloggers… lol! And many more. Not just with me but with Chris as well. They both love photography and posh places. Lol! The list goes on and on…… we can really blend well together. I just hope it will stay the same for the next trip. Yes, we are definitely going to travel together again! Fingers crossed!

And back to Bali, it is a perfect holiday destination! You’ll be treated like a king there. You’ll feel so welcome! There is no doubt why some people make visiting Bali a yearly thing because now, I wish to do the same too! 4 days 3 nights were not enough for me to experience Bali. There are so much more to see and do!

We did not have a well-planned itinerary but that was not at all a problem because we had a great driver! We roughly told him where we wanted to go and he made suggestion for us accordingly. Though there were places that we must go on a certain time due to reservations were made but overall, we were pretty spontaneous with our itinerary. To really enjoy and relax on a holiday trip, you can’t be overly ambitious. You must allow certain flexibility to your schedule for spur-of-the-moment planning and also unforeseen changes. As in we could spend 2 hours queuing up for Rock Bar (unforeseen circumstance) and another 3 hours drinking and chatting inside and then out of excitement, we decided to have a 2nd round at Potato Head till wee hours (spontaneous planning). That’s what I called flexibility and it’s fun!

End of craps and time for photossss!

Beach Bums

Petitenget Beach, just 5-10 minutes walk from our Villa!
But we went by car. Typical city people.
Two beach bums UU ~

Yes, we went with full make up on.
Vain level: MAXIMUM!

Sunburnt (sexy) back ~

Into the waves!

Time to get wet!! Woo hoo!
Chris did a lot of candid shots for us! Sweetest!

Chat & gossip. Anytime. Anywhere.

Another great shot that I ♥!!
By Nic.

Paddy Field and Wild Grass

Totally spontenous.
Spotted potential camwhore scenery - asked the driver to stop and park at roadside - jump down from car - POSE & SNAP AWAY!

Fun in the paddy field !

Nic took a lot of lovely awesome great shots for us! Big love her!

Enjoying every single moment...

Just.... ♥
Loving all the shots here! Isn’t Nic and Chris a great photographer? :D

Midnight Dip

Camwhore: 60 minutes
Dip in pool: 10 minutes
Us being us!!

Love these shots! Nic is so good in posing!

So so self-obsessed!

More photos next post!

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