Friday, June 08, 2012

Sweat Story

When it’s about time to update my blog, the 1st question that always pops up in my mind is “What I’m up to lately?” because it’s so much easier to blog about something that you love or enjoying or doing at the moment.

So now, I ask myself that question again and the answer got to be….workout! Yes, I’m exercising my ass off for the past months! I did workout regularly all the while but last year after my gym membership has expired, I did not renew and decided to workout at home instead. Without the fixed schedule, I kind of got laid-back a little bit and that’s when I gained some unwanted kilos. Having food lover colleagues doesn’t help too. I’m that kind of person who can’t be lazy, even for a little while! My body can store fats so easily, why oh why…

Right after CNY, I decided it’s time to get back to my strict workout regime! At least 2 to 3 times a week, one hour each time. Not a lot it seems but it’s the maximum that I can slot in into my schedule. During that one hour, I’ll do half hour cardio and half hour strength training. I used to hate strength training as there’d be pain in the muscle while and after doing it but as unbelievable as it may sound, I love it now! It’s the best way to tone up and see results. In my dictionary, there’s no shortcut to lose weight. You want it, you work hard for it. No pain, no gain! Did I make it sounds like a torture? Hopefully not! Because those sweaty sessions are very beneficial to not only the body shape, but overall wellness as well.

I have a handful of workout DVDs at home but I find myself dancing along to this DVD most of the time - Ministry Of Sound: Pump It Up - The Ultimate Beach Body Workout. It’s fun, easy and most importantly, low-impact. Great for beginners and people who do not want a high intensity workout. As for the strength training part, I opt for Denise Austin: Get Fit Fast All in One Trainer. This DVD was in my room for quite some time but only got discovered by me lately. And now I freaking hate myself for not discovering it earlier! I really have to rave about this! Very often, I find myself doing a lot of strength training exercises but with very little result. That’s probably because I’m not doing it with the right technique. In this DVD, she teaches people on how to do it the right and efficient way so that every second counts. Her concept is “quality not quantity”. For just 2 months I followed the workout (Level 1), I can see gradual result on my abs, thighs and bum already. So yeah, I might be more toned up now but still a lot more to improve! Especially my thunder thighs… not a good sight. I did not weight myself though, I don’t have a weighing scale at home but I think I dropped a size or two? Because I can fit in into my old shorts again! Ok, obviously I did lose weight but just trying not to sound like a bragger here. Nothing to be proud off anyway, because anyone can do it!

To be totally honest, I have one goal in my mind to keep myself going – my Bali vacation! It’s just one week away now! Just by thinking of me having to wear bikini, sleeveless tops and shorts is enough to keep me off the lazy couch and get moving! I don’t expect to have a beach body by then of course, but at least I want to feel good about myself. At the end of the day, fit or fat, it’s the way you carry yourself that matters. I hate to admit it but I think I’m a little too self-conscious, which is not a good thing.

See, I can really talk like a grandma! I shall end this post right here.

But hmm, it seems empty without a picture. Well well… what photo should I put in… photo of me after workout in my worn out workout bra? Definitely no-no! Hmm mm, alright this one la!

This is me mix-matching clothes for my Bali trip. A totally unrelated photo but never mind! Anyway, I think it’s too ambitious of me wanting to wear like this, walking around in Bali! I shall add a spaghetti top inside.

Ok, bye!

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