Tuesday, May 15, 2012

25 Hours in Penang: Jom jalan-jalan!

Bukit Bendera

Although I had been to Penang for several times before this, I never visited Bukit Bendera – one of the most popular tourist spots in Penang. So when Carol suggested a quick tour at Bukit Bendera before visiting Kek Lok Si Temple, I said yes without hesitation!

The classic red and white funicular tram has been replaced with the electric train. Standing inside the electric train (no more seat) while it was heading up the hill, was quite a thrilling experience! It brought us up to the hill in no more than 15 minutes.

Loving this candid shot by Chris :)

Appreciating Penang from the top. Standing there, looking at the beautiful landscape of Penang.. I thought to myself, we should do this more often. We should get to know more about Malaysia, the country we are living in. Because love it or hate it, this is our motherland. I’m an anak Malaysia after all!

We walked further to find this stunning David’s Brown Sky Terrace which we couldn’t resist to have a drinking session there.
The greatest catch of my life, ever!

Isn’t it a great place to chill out? In fact, a nice place to camwhore too!

Kek Lok Si

Now, time to go down the hill to Kek Lok Si to meet my Chinese zodiac – PIG! It’s alright that people always make fun of my Chinese zodiac – lazy, fat, stupid…. I’d just shrug it off because they simply can’t see the good qualities of pig zodiac which I’m very proud of. Pig is not stupid anyway!

The Pig & I

Writing name on wishing ribbon after praying.

Hang it on the top!! #kiasu

Straits Quay

Straits Quay is probably the hippest place to hang out in Penang now if you do not want to go back to hotel too early. Don’t be taken aback by its quiet main hall because the lively side of Straits Quay is at the waterfront area.

Although we skipped the drinking session but it felt good just having a short stroll at the waterfront, appreciating the night view across and just enjoy the relaxing atmosphere there.

Hard Rock Hotel

No, we didn’t stay here! Just a quick stopover at the hotel and beach before we bid goodbye to Penang!

Batu Ferringhi beach.

Alright, when’s our next cuti-cuti Malaysia? :D


  1. lol you hang until so high up there! how did you get the stick anyway

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    1. Haha, kiasu ma! :P The stick is provided by them.

  2. My plan to visit Penang seem like a infinity waiting plan >.<

    1. Too busy to get away?? Aww....


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