Friday, April 06, 2012

We share laughter, we share tears

We don’t get to meet up every day, but yet we are so closely bonded together. We argue, we fight, we have different opinion, but we know we’ll shelter each other during the rainy days.

They are my best companions.
They are my soulmates.
They are my bff.
They are my girlfriends.
They are my sisters.
They are one of the best things I have in my life.

To the song we sang, to the stupid jokes we had, to the tears we shed, to the crazy spirit of us…. BIG hug! And thanks for the lovely Sunday ♥ !
One is missing in the photo. Her policy is: No make-up, no photo!
P/s: I have 6 cousin sisters in total, age ranging from 0 – 24 years old. Well,I’m the big sister because, obviously, I’m the oldest.



  1. you have 6 cousin sisters? i have only three. because the rest are all boys! T_T 10 male cousins.

  2. Whoa, 10?? That's a lot! I have a bunch of cousin brothers too actually - 5 of them. But of course not as close as with the girls :D


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