Friday, April 27, 2012

Antipodean Café, Menara Tan & Tan

Antipodean. I saw this word for like numerous times in the food blogsphere recently. Not exactly recently but maybe a month or two ago and I was so attracted to its Aussie vibe. I was just waiting.. waiting.. and waiting for a chance to go and yay, my food wish was granted last week!

I woke up a little earlier to get ready for my Antipodean experience as apparently, there will be a queue after 11am. With a little help from Google maps, we managed to locate Menara Tan & Tan in a jiffy. We were there 30 minutes later than our targeted time, so we were anxious and expecting a lot of crowd. But it seemed that our worries were silly after all! There was no breakfast crowd, no queue… just 2 tables were occupied. We assumed that the queue up thing only happens at their Bangsar outlet. Perhaps it’s a good alternative for Antipodean-ers who prefer a quieter breakfast experience.

The big gigantic blackboard menu got to be the signature of Antipodean. Reminded me of school! I’m wondering who scribbled those words on the blackboard because it’s so neat and nice! The only con is, you can’t have your sweet time flipping through menu to decide what to order. Standing in front of the blackboard menu for too long will cause weird stares and unsmooth traffic along the pathway. Well at least, this is how I felt.

Among that bunch of yummy-looking breakfast options, I picked Pumpkin & Sweet Corn Fritter with Bacon because first of all, I love pumpkin and secondly, I remember I saw good reviews at Niche before. A safe choice?

As what Michelle said, it had crispy edges which I enjoyed very much. The fritter itself is rather plain tasting, so the bacon plays an important role in adding a kick of flavour to the fritter. I couldn’t finish the whole fritter anyway. In real life, I can eat like a dinosaur! But I hypnotized myself into eating lesser and lighter nowadays. Yes, I’m that desperate to lose some kilos!

SO, Big Breakfast is definitely a no-no for me! Never mind, I can steal some from Chris. Ehehe..
And I just couldn’t stop eating the mushroom! Actually ahemm, I can easily cook that at home. It’s too easy to cook portabella mushroom sauté *smirk*

How could you not order coffee in a café? This time, I dumped my old fling Cappuccino and kick started a brand new affair with Affogato. A new affair is ever so exhilarating, so sweet, so deeply imprinted in the heart… It’s a ♥ at first sight! Bitter taste from espresso + sweetness from vanilla ice cream = a match made in heaven. One can hardly go wrong with this combination. By the way, is this a drink or a dessert? More like a dessert to me. Thanks Chris for recommending this to me! Chris knows my taste bud well, really.

Cappuccino for Chris.

Ending the post with….

The Joey’s Café post :D

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ishin Japanese Dining, Off Jalan Kelang Lama

Located just right beside the ever busy Off Jalan Kelang Lama, I think it’s pretty easy to spot Ishin even if you are not familiar with this area.

We were seated in this nice and quiet private dining room with a glass window overlooking the bustling road - it was such a contrast. They have an extensive menu, but I think one will only enjoy browsing through it because it is a touch screen menu with photos that’ll make you drool over it! What’s the gadget? Yes, Ipad! In Ishin, paper menu seems so yesterday. Be cautious though, those yummy photos will lure you to order more!

We all were craving for Aburi Toro but luck was not on our side that night as Toro was out-of-stock. Alternatively, we ordered raw Salmon belly to curb our cravings. Although we would prefer to have it lightly grilled but this option is not available at Ishin. The salmon belly was nicely cut and fresh but somehow it was lack of the heavenly taste that I’d normally get from the lightly grilled version.
Salmon Belly

Cold Buckwheat Noodles with Tempura – I’m very much into cold soba lately because it’s the less-guilty option. But of course also because I love the al-dente texture of cold soba and the cooling sensation in my mouth.

Yellow Tail Head and Vegetable Hot Pot in Miso Based Soup – the milky broth was very comforting to the tummy, I couldn’t stop drinking.

3 Taste Mini Chawan Mushi – too cute to resist! 

Cheese Grilled Half Shell Oyster

The foods were at a satisfactory level but somehow, it failed to impress every single of us. There are plenty of Japanese restaurants with similar price range and even better quality. But for myself, nevertheless, I don’t mind to go back again :)

P/s: I have one thing to complain though. My cold soba came very late even we have reminded them for 2 times!


Monday, April 16, 2012

Sun-kissed Blush

Living in a hot and humid country like Malaysia, you can forget about splurging on a blusher. Just walk under the sun for a minute and voila, natural sun-kissed blush!

A cold joke? No! I’m serious.

Ok, obviously I’m running out of idea what to write for the opening. Anyway, what I said above is really workable but heck, who wants to walk under the dangerous UV rays just to get that pinkish blush on the face?? Count me out! So, splurging on a good blusher is a must after all. Tee heee… *shopaholic mode turned on*

To my defense, the last time I bought a blusher was… 6 or 7 years ago. Since then, I didn’t care to buy or wear any blusher. After so many years of just focusing on my eye make-up, I think it’s time to spice things up a little!

DiorBlush - Glowing Powder Blush in Rose Dragee #829
Here it is! A new member in my make-up bag. Actually, it was kind of an impulsive purchase. If you were to ask me, I think it’s a tad pricey. And the main point is, I shouldn’t be spending so much already! However, I believe it’s worth investing in good quality cosmetics because it will be applied onto the delicate skin on the face. Plus, I’m sure it can last me for a very long time (I only put on make-up during weekend outings).

I fell in love with blusher all over again ♥ It can warm up the entire make up and give my face a healthy glow with just a few sweeps on the cheek. I tried not to overdo it though. I don’t want to end up looking like a miserable clown.

Another awesome make-up item that I BIG LOVE recently is……

Hmm, I shall do it on the next post *lazy stretch*

Friday, April 06, 2012

We share laughter, we share tears

We don’t get to meet up every day, but yet we are so closely bonded together. We argue, we fight, we have different opinion, but we know we’ll shelter each other during the rainy days.

They are my best companions.
They are my soulmates.
They are my bff.
They are my girlfriends.
They are my sisters.
They are one of the best things I have in my life.

To the song we sang, to the stupid jokes we had, to the tears we shed, to the crazy spirit of us…. BIG hug! And thanks for the lovely Sunday ♥ !
One is missing in the photo. Her policy is: No make-up, no photo!
P/s: I have 6 cousin sisters in total, age ranging from 0 – 24 years old. Well,I’m the big sister because, obviously, I’m the oldest.


Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Goodbye Honey!

I have had enough of light honey brown colour sticking on my hair for 3 months! Though it looks nice on the picture, I have come to a conclusion that light colour doesn’t suit my current age and mood. Plus, light colour is harder to maintain because black roots are very obvious when hair grows. So you have to touch up more frequently to hide unsightly black roots, which will make the wallet thinner. Having said that, I’m back to darker colour now!

This time, Loreal’s Brilliant Copper, recommended by the hairstylist after I told him that I want all the golden hair to disappear! After 2 ½ hours chatting vigorously with the hairstylist while he was working on my hair, finally, my hair was reborn! When I looked into the mirror, I immediately felt so relieved that the bright colour has all gone gone gone….~

Gee.... I have a high forehead

My hair looks healthier now (although I know it’s actually not) with the new colour. In actual fact, my hair no longer gets tangled when I comb my hair! It’s back to how it used to be! Ok, finally now I know how to appreciate soft and smooth hair. I used to love coarse hair because my naturally thin hair would appear thicker. But you really don’t want to know how damaged my hair was after I got that light honey brown colour. Anyway, it’s a lengthy story and it was done at a different saloon.

The copper colour has faded a little after a few washes but it’s a norm. I still love it - as long as it doesn't turn into very bright colour!

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