Thursday, March 08, 2012

Tom, Dick & Harry

...... are not my boyfriends.

It is the name of a pub & restaurant we recently visited in TTDI. Tom, Dick and Harry’s came highly recommended by Carol when we asked her to suggest a place to celebrate, well, her birthday. Yes, we are lousy friends. There are two branches in town – TTDI and Old Klang Road. The one located at Old Klang Road is the newer branch but we went to the TTDI branch instead.

The pub’s interior is very humble, with only basic furniture and fittings, just like a pub-next-door. Spend some time to read their menu as it’ll surely make you smile if not chuckle, at how they introduce their restaurant and food in a witty way.

We ordered Caesar Salad, Mushroom Soup, Six Pigs in a Blanket, Pizza, Pork Knuckle and Apple Pie. We played safe by ordering only 2 main courses and we knew we made a wise decision upon the arrival of the Pork Knuckle on our table. The portion was GIGANTIC! Luckily we had 4 mouths to sweep ‘em clean. By the way, Pork Knuckle is an out-of-the-menu dish. Probably it is very well-known that it doesn’t need to be mentioned in the menu. People will know it’s a must-order at Tom, Dick & Harry’s.

Caesar Salad – I was surprised by the fried egg on the top! Definitely something different from our usual Caesar salad. But whether it is fried egg or hard-boiled egg, fried calamari or grilled chicken, the utmost important rule in salad is to have more greens! Please, feed me with more greens! I’m a cow!

Cream of Fresh Mushroom Soup – thick and creamy enough, with a lot of my favourite mushroom chunks.

Six Pigs in a Blanket – the name is too cute it makes you feel bad eating them. Guiltiness aside, the mini sausages wrapped in bacon were a bomb when eaten together with the mustard sauce. All gone in seconds. We left one for Uncle Johnny who came late though, haha!

Honey Ham, Bacon & Pineapple Pizza – While the mini sausages were superb, the pizza failed to amaze me.

Pork Knuckle – here comes the superstar of the night! As I always said, I’m not a pork person but that night I took up the courage to try it albeit it looked absolutely sinful. The flesh was tender and juicy but my favourite part got to be the crispy skin. I did not help much in finishing up the pork knuckle but I helped to sweep clean most of the mashed potato at the bottom.

Apple Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream

How can you not order beer in a pub?

And now I know pork and beer are good friends. Forgive me for being a noob in everything related to pub. I’m in my late 20’s but yet, I’m still pretty much a pub-virgin.

Time to explore more pubs? Never mind, I’ll leave it to Carol, our tour guide :)


  1. Wah big pork knuckle indeed!

    1. Must share with at least 3-4 person!

  2. Haha, I won't order beer if I'm in a pub because I don't like (or should I say HATE?) beer :P

    1. Actually me too (High 5) :P Those were for my friends. For myself, I'd usually order cocktail.


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