Thursday, March 22, 2012

Life Revolves Around Cooking

I want to blog about my new hair colour, but my heart begs to differ. My whole mind is now flooded with recipes, egg, fish paste, mushroom, basil leaf, pumpkin and everything to do with cooking. Gosh this is frightening! What’s more, I feel sad because I can’t cook this weekend while I have a handful of new recipes to try! This is so not me :| You might ask, why not cook on weekdays instead? The answer is, I really can’t. My weekday schedule is full-packed almost every day. My office weekly meeting, my exercise regime, house chores and miscellaneous daily errands are more than enough to keep me very busy every evening. So Saturday and Sunday are the days when I can have some leisure time to cook.

Knowing that I have the interest in cooking lately, my colleague brought to office a few really good recipe books to share with me (and another colleague). I have snapped with my mobile phone the recipes that I’m interested in. So what else, I’m excited and can’t wait to try! Uggh!

Photos by Chris, using Instagram.

By the way, these two are my latest cooking assignment - Pumpkin Fried Rice with Basil Leafs and Vegetarian Minced Meat Noodles. I would love love LOVE to talk about my “assignment” as well as share the recipe out, but I need to have a proper picture first. I sometimes hate myself for being a stupid perfectionist!

Ok, end of ranting. Bye!


  1. it's good that you are cooking, at least twice a week. :D

  2. Yes, cooking twice a week is better than none.

  3. The sense of achievement from cooking is really great!

  4. I definitely wanna do cooking when I move into my own house!

    1. When your house will be ready? Now I'm living with my brother. Like you, after I move to my own house, I'll definitely do more cooking!! I want my own kitchen so bad!!


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