Monday, March 19, 2012

Kura, One World Hotel

The Japanese restaurant in One World hotel, Kura, is certainly not a stranger to many but I want to write about it anyway because I had a great dinner there recently.

This was actually my third visit to Kura but I remember my first two visits weren’t as good as the third. Uni was the first thing served on our table. The first time I had Uni was at Rakuzen and the taste was ok… but nothing spectacular. So, I wasn’t expecting much from this. But as I put the orange colour roe into my mouth, I thought “Hmm, this got to be the real taste of Uni”. The freshness and sweetness was far better than the one I had in Rakuzen! And that was just the beginning of our great dinner.

Next was my Grilled Saba Set, which, seemed to be a dull and boring choice but I can tell you, it was one of the best Grilled Saba I’ve eaten. Personally, I think it’s on par with Kampachi’s Grilled Saba or even better. The thick chunk of saba was grilled to perfection, with a little char on the skin while the flesh remained juicy on the inside. Our dinner was brought to another level of excitement when Aburi Toro was served. The lightly grilled tuna belly had a melt-in-the mouth texture and alluring taste which I think can be perfectly described in just one simple word – OISHII!

Dragon Roll and Grilled Salmon Head were not ordered by me but I had the chance to try a bit of each. But what worth a mention between the two is the Grilled Salmon Head because I got to savour the best part – the cheek. Who knew salmon cheek could taste so good? A small bit of the jelly-like cheek was enough to make me feel contented.

♥ the appetizing salad dressing.

Uni (sea urchin)

Grilled Saba (grilled mackerel)


Aburi Toro (lightly grilled tuna belly)

Dragon Roll

Grilled Salmon Head

Pig Head…. Err, this is not in their menu.

I have a lunch date, a birthday party and a birthday dinner to attend this weekend. So, I don’t get to cook this coming weekend. What? Me? Unhappy because I don’t need to cook? Yeah I know it sounds completely wrong but this is what I’m feeling now. Cooking is my weekend hobby now! Will I get tired of it? Maybe yes, maybe no. As long as I manage to find new & interesting recipe to learn, I think I can keep going for very long. Talking about recipe, I have a few to share! But I got no picture yet. So wait till I have a nice picture of them, I will definitely post it up :)


  1. Nice pictures. did you get a new camera???

    1. Ohh thanks! Ermm, the pictures here were taken with Canon 7D. But for some photos in this blog, some were taken with my 2 years old compact camera Samsung ST500 :)

  2. Yumm! The Sashimi and the Aburi Toro looks delicious!

    1. Talking about that, my stomach is growling now!

  3. I love order saba fish too when I have Japanese food, love the flaky flesh :)

  4. Someone just told me the other day that Kura is owned by Rakuzen.


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