Thursday, February 09, 2012

Pot Luck Party on 初六!

This year, my CNY schedule is full-packed for an entire week until I have to skip one of them to get a half day rest. I literally used up every single bit of my CNY holidays - out from morning/afternoon till late night. Albeit a little exhausted but I feel good! I reckon I should be happy that I’m busy on a festive season because that means I have a lot of relatives and friends! :D Not that I really have a lot but enough to keep me occupied for one whole week.

CNY is the best time to organize gathering with friends as everyone will be on holiday. Nic, Bel, Sus (my ex-schoolmates) and I have organized a pot luck party on 初六at Nic’s beautiful condo. I have been craving to try Nic’s cooking and pancake, so this is a good chance!

Pot luck is fun! Everyone has to bring over some home-cooked dishes for the party, so we will have a lot of food varieties and also get to try each other’s cooking. I’m cheating if I tell you that I have no stress at all! Even if it’s just fried mihun, something I’m familiar with, but the last time I touched the kitchen stove was like months ago… But I’m glad it turns out ok, pheww!

Come take a peek of what we have on the table:-

Yee Sang – Sponsored by Nic.
Green Curry Chicken & Chai Poh Egg – By Nic.
Herbal Chicken Soup – By Bel.
Fried Mihun – By me.
Honeydew Sago – By Sus.

Well Nic can actually cook very well! Her green curry is lip-smacking good! It goes very well with rice. Seeing her transformed from a rebel girl (I’m sorry :) in school to now, a lovely mother of two who can cook so well… I’m so impressed and proud of her!

Not to forget, Bel’s nutritious herbal chicken soup that can warm up anyone’s tummy anytime. Have to give her credit for making effort to cook the soup although she was in a rush. I love Sus’s honeydew sago too! Just the right amount of sweetness. Sus likes to cook and explore new recipes (a potential good wife).

Not long after the hearty lunch, guess what…. It’s pancake and tea time! Wonder why we have such a big appetite…

We stand in the kitchen to watch the making of pancake and are waiting eagerly, like a kid. It seems simple! But first of all, I need to have a non-stick pan. The outcome is very lovely indeed. It somehow reminded me of Doraemon.

Here comes the legendary pancake! As quoted by Nalyssa “The yummiest pancake in the world!” and I got to agree with her. So simple but yet so addictive! Taste even better with maple syrup. Ok, when I have my own kitchen, I’ll definitely get a non-stick pan and make this!

Words of wisdom in our fortune cookie. Chris and I got the same one! Ok,I know you can't read it here, never mind.

Like Nic said, we should do something like this more often. I guess I should learn some new recipes before the next round! Actually I have thought of what to cook for the coming pot luck gathering (if there is any) but I shall keep it a secret first for now, hehe.


  1. wow, the pancakes look really nice!

    i think being a mother changes a lot of people. :) studied about life roles and personality in psych. hehe.

    1. Couldn't agree more! (For both of your statements) :)

  2. already thought of what's next? erm.. apa dia?
    hahahah..!! btw, meehoon was very yummy too!!

    1. You'll know it when the time comes, hohoh! But will ask you girls opinion first for sure. But my meehoon cold already that time :/

    2. ok dokie :D cant wait for the next one!
      alamak, what about me? I am not good in cooking wor.. besides steam fish and soup. nothing much / special i can do >.<

    3. Steam fish steam fish! I love....

  3. Replies
    1. Probably can encourage me to cook more :D

  4. Aww such a sweet heart of u to compliment me tat muchie!! lol.. tq tq ah..
    SO... since u have already a recipe in mind... we shall organize a 2nd round!! hahaha.. I also have something in mind already of wat to cook!!! kekekekeke!!! mayb this time after our lunch.. we head to pool for a dip! 'll make some real cold chill ice lemon tea wif erm... small lil muffins! *shit.. wat hav i just said??!?*

    1. You are just too good in seducing people Nic!! Muffin! and ice lemon tea....! Nom nom nom :9 Hard to resist! When is next round... urmm.. since you'll be busy for Nalyssa's upcoming birthday party, how about we organize one after that? :)

  5. thanks for your complement i'm glad u all love it and sapu habis the dessert. hey then i should start explore new recipe for the up coming gathering.... erm what should i cook? suggestion? request?

    1. Looking forward for your Cheese Straw :P


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