Friday, February 17, 2012

My Three Thousand Strands

Warning: Crazy long post!

Chris and I were in a random conversation about hairstyle some time ago and one of the things that Chris said was: Your hairstyle has a lot of changes over the years. You can try looking back at your photos.

Maybe Chris was right. I’m not a girl who can keep a same hairstyle (and long hair) for more than… 2 years? The main reasons are probably:

1. I get bored very fast.
2. No patience to wait for hair to grow long.
3. I like the feeling of getting a new haircut.

I thought it’s something fun to blog about so I dug into my external hard drive to search for evidences! It was fun looking back at my old silly photos but after more than an hour filtering tonnes of album, I started to get tired of it and I wondered why I want to get myself into this. Haha! Told you I’m a lazy blogger.

Walking down to the memory lane….

’04 - Please don’t laugh ok! It was my Ah Lian era. Fusion colour was an IN thing. The highlight technic is called chunking (source), where they do the highlight on a big chunk of hair instead of by small strands, using bold and striking colours. This hairstyle speaks for itself – wild and playful (and lala too). That was me 8 years ago. Maybe you’ll be able to guess it – yes, it was also my party animal era.

’05 – I was bored with my forever-straight hair so I went to perm it (no photo) and that was the worst decision ever! My face looked rounder than ever with those curls. I must apply mousse to the curls after I washed my hair, otherwise I would look like a crazy lion with tangled hair. I couldn’t stand sleeping with sticky hair and most of all, I felt like an aunty :( So to save my soul, I went to straighten it back, just one week after I permed it . Curls gone, money gone, hair gone. Say hi to short hair!

Lesson learned:
1. Do not perm when hair is not long enough.
2. Choose the right curl.
3. Get a good hairstylist!

’06 – My hair was recovering from the last year’s damage but that didn’t stop me from playing around with colours and highlight. I also bought myself a set of curling iron and started to do experiment with it.

’07 – I liked wavy hair but permanent perm was still a no-no! Beside curling iron, I also learned how to create wavy hair with braids (picture no. 3). Although I did not master it well, but the steps are pretty easy. Braid a few sections of your hair where you want the curls to be, sleep with it and you’ll have lovely zig zag curls the next morning ♥

’08 – I kept my hair long and layer-y but fringe, I liked it short. Shorter = cuter :P I always had to think of ways to make my long hair less boring like tie a bun, pin up my fringe, curl it, braid it.. that was about it. My hairstyling skills were pretty limited. So I heard my heart screaming…. IT’S TIME TO REVAMP YOUR LONG AND BORING HAIR! I succumbed to my inner sense and chopped it off to a classic bob. Bob haircuts were a BIG HIT then. And I got to say I LOVE IT! Very easy to manage and it made my face looks a little smaller.

’09 – Whoops, 2009 was a roller-coaster year. From bob to short and back to bob and then short again and by the end of the year, I had shoulder length hair. The hairband-craze wave came crashing and I was one of the victims. Hairband came in handy to accessorize my dull hair. Especially for that particular year, I had a few wedding dinners to attend.

’10 – I was very obsessed with Sammi Cheng’s pixie haircut after I watched her concert in HK! It was absolutely chic and edgy! I was dying to have the same haircut as hers, but Chris discouraged me by telling me that I have a round face (very true) and the risk that I’m going to face. But after weeks of relentless persuasion, Chris finally gave me the green light, yay! It was undoubtedly a big move for me! Surely it was not the first time I cut my hair short but never so short and spiky, on the right side! Nope, I did not regret. In fact, I loved my new edgy look! I kept the same haircut for the entire year.

’11 – Do you know how hard is it to grow back your hair after such a short haircut? After some time, I lost my patience and went to cut it short again. But finally after a bad haircut in June (just right before my Tasmania trip, geesh), I managed to stay away from hair saloon for months except once when I went to touch up my hair colour. After all, I needed to keep a longer hair for my photo shoot.

’12 – I’m still pretty traumatized by the bad haircut incident last year. It’s just so hard to find a good and trustable hairstylist. When you thought you have finally found the right one, he/she scares you away with a bad haircut. After so many years of experience, I found that it all boils down to… LUCK! Anyway, my hair is showing a significant growth as I didn’t cut it for the past 9 months! It’s an achievement and definitely a record! I did trim a little bit though before CNY but really just a lil’ bit, so it doesn’t count. My hair now is in (light) honey brown colour, which I think the color is too light for me. Not exactly what I requested but as I said, it's luck. For the time being, I want to keep it long because I’m feeling womanly. Lol! But I might change my mind anytime :)

So after the analysis as above, I’d say, I like to do changes to my hair but nothing extreme. I follow my own senses but with a safe guideline. Easy to manage and hassle-free are the few important words in my hair bible.


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    1. Lol! Sorry for that silly label. I use "Whipped Cream" to label all my beauty stuffs. I know it sounds rather funny but I didn't know anyone will ever pay attention to my label ^^"....

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks!! Seldom do such lengthy post @@ Which suits me better - long hair or short hair? But I know you like me in short hair :D

  3. Your latest hairstyle suits you. Pixie is nice too ;)

  4. Just like Baby Sumo said, I like ur latest hair style :)

    1. Lol, thanks! But I might get boring very soon :P

  5. i like u any which way! hehehe..
    surprise us wif something.. kekekeke....


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