Friday, February 24, 2012

Craft Brews, Mutiara Damansara

While fine dining places are great for a luxury treat, pub & restaurant appears more ideal for a casual food-and-chat gathering with friends. I used to have a perception towards pub & restaurant: Good Beer, Lousy Food. But places like Craft Brews and Tom, Dick & Harry’s proved me wrong. Not only they serve good beer, but good food too. I’m delightfully surprised. Thanks to Carol’s recommendation. When it comes to pubs, bars and hottest chill out places in town… she is a pro. And she is our favourite hangout kaki because she never says no to gathering.

Carol is no stranger to Craft Brews as she used to work in Menara KLK, exactly where Craft Brews is located. At the first glimpse, I was glad that the pub was modern-looking and brightly lit. Dim lighting pub/restaurant doesn’t work for me. Music was not too loud, so it didn’t disrupt our gossiping session. But things were not the same when a crowd of people started to get high.

Calamari Lychee Salad – Salad with less greens and more carbo – I would prefer to call it “The Cheating Salad”. Perhaps you order it just because it has the word “salad” to make you feel as if you have fulfilled the responsibility of eating a lot of vegetables in every meal (but in fact you are not). And also to make you feel less guilty for the heavy main course ahead. Or maybe it’s just me :D But I personally prefer more greens of course. I’m a vegetable person. Anyway, I like the idea of adding lychee into a salad.

Tex-mex Hickory BBQ Back Ribs, Honey Mustard Back Ribs & Lamb Shank – Pork ribs are ranked as chef recommended dishes in the menu. They have got a positive response by my fellow diners. I love their wedges! I gave it an A for the fact that it was very crispy but not oily and not salty. It seemed very homemade to me. I snatched a lot from Chris and Carol :P

Herbed Crusted Salmon – nothing to rave about. The fillet was very thin.

Chocolate Brownies with Ice Cream

Monster Green Lagers, Vodka Lychee Martini & Long Island Tea – Both vodka lychee martini and long island tea were my drinks that night. I love them both. I like the fruitiness taste of lychee in the vodka martini while long island tea was akin to our regular lemon coke with a hint of alcohol.

Cheers to our friendship!


  1. I remember read from other reviews, they have colourful beer, very interesting indeed!

    1. Oh I didn't know that! What a shame U.U
      Lol, I don't fancy beer anyway :)

  2. I also prefer salad with more greens. Hehe.

  3. Tex-mex Hickory BBQ Back Ribs, Honey Mustard Back Ribs & Lamb Shank – Pork ribs look very delicious..nice place for gathering with friends too


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