Wednesday, February 01, 2012


Reunion dinner – CHECKED


Collect ang pow - CHECKED

Give ang pow to elderly - CHECKED

Gamble - CHECKED

Lou sang – CHECKED

Have done all the CNY routine. So there goes my Chinese new year T_T …… But today ain’t the last day yet, still got 5 days to go before it officially end. And after that I have to wait for yet another year *sigh*

So what else? Hmm… Ya, I’m one year older. Hate to say that but I’m 29 already this year and going to reach the digit “3” next year! In fact in Chinese calculation, I’m 30 already by now. But I follow western calculation one ok! To be precise, up to today, I’m only 28 years 1 month and x days old. You see, that makes a big difference!

Our first 3 days of CNY are very routine:

初一 : All gather at Grandparent’s house. Eat, drink, CAMWHORE!

初二 : Out to 拜年(visit relatives) for one whole day. About 7-8 houses to visit. Usually a tired day!

初三 : Movie day!

I have tonnes of photo to share but I’ll try to cut it short as most of them are plainly vain photos of me and my bunch of cousin sis *u*



*photos taken at my Aunt Natalie's new house.


No photos. Surprised!

Sometimes I wonder how long can we keep this tradition as eventually, my cousin sisters will get married and they will have to be at their hubby’s house instead (as the Chinese tradition, the wife has to be at the husband’s house on the first day of CNY). Unless no one wants them :p But well, I suppose life is ever changing isn’t it? So cheers to now, this moment and us! : )


  1. Ah, you guys look so happy. :D

    I often wonder how many more years do I get to go to ipoh too.

    1. Feels good being with them =)

      Why do you think so? What will make you stop going to Ipoh?

    2. cos my grandparents are pretty old and my cousins are getting married. :(

  2. all so pretty .love all the pics.. love all ur cny dress up! =) wish i have pics session like u n ur couzies .. i got lot of cousin sister but we just grow distant =( even wif my own sis also hard.. haha

    1. Wow, compliment from a fashionista! Happy!!

      Aww, that's sad to hear. You all lost touch with each other (cousin sis)? and your sis is busy, isn't she? That's why the lack of get-together session?

  3. my cousins & I are not close, so no such thing (camwhore gila-gila) happen :P

    1. :O ... Now I know that not all cousins are close with each other >.< So I have to appreciate even more the relationship between me and my cousin sis now!


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