Friday, February 24, 2012

Craft Brews, Mutiara Damansara

While fine dining places are great for a luxury treat, pub & restaurant appears more ideal for a casual food-and-chat gathering with friends. I used to have a perception towards pub & restaurant: Good Beer, Lousy Food. But places like Craft Brews and Tom, Dick & Harry’s proved me wrong. Not only they serve good beer, but good food too. I’m delightfully surprised. Thanks to Carol’s recommendation. When it comes to pubs, bars and hottest chill out places in town… she is a pro. And she is our favourite hangout kaki because she never says no to gathering.

Carol is no stranger to Craft Brews as she used to work in Menara KLK, exactly where Craft Brews is located. At the first glimpse, I was glad that the pub was modern-looking and brightly lit. Dim lighting pub/restaurant doesn’t work for me. Music was not too loud, so it didn’t disrupt our gossiping session. But things were not the same when a crowd of people started to get high.

Calamari Lychee Salad – Salad with less greens and more carbo – I would prefer to call it “The Cheating Salad”. Perhaps you order it just because it has the word “salad” to make you feel as if you have fulfilled the responsibility of eating a lot of vegetables in every meal (but in fact you are not). And also to make you feel less guilty for the heavy main course ahead. Or maybe it’s just me :D But I personally prefer more greens of course. I’m a vegetable person. Anyway, I like the idea of adding lychee into a salad.

Tex-mex Hickory BBQ Back Ribs, Honey Mustard Back Ribs & Lamb Shank – Pork ribs are ranked as chef recommended dishes in the menu. They have got a positive response by my fellow diners. I love their wedges! I gave it an A for the fact that it was very crispy but not oily and not salty. It seemed very homemade to me. I snatched a lot from Chris and Carol :P

Herbed Crusted Salmon – nothing to rave about. The fillet was very thin.

Chocolate Brownies with Ice Cream

Monster Green Lagers, Vodka Lychee Martini & Long Island Tea – Both vodka lychee martini and long island tea were my drinks that night. I love them both. I like the fruitiness taste of lychee in the vodka martini while long island tea was akin to our regular lemon coke with a hint of alcohol.

Cheers to our friendship!

Friday, February 17, 2012

My Three Thousand Strands

Warning: Crazy long post!

Chris and I were in a random conversation about hairstyle some time ago and one of the things that Chris said was: Your hairstyle has a lot of changes over the years. You can try looking back at your photos.

Maybe Chris was right. I’m not a girl who can keep a same hairstyle (and long hair) for more than… 2 years? The main reasons are probably:

1. I get bored very fast.
2. No patience to wait for hair to grow long.
3. I like the feeling of getting a new haircut.

I thought it’s something fun to blog about so I dug into my external hard drive to search for evidences! It was fun looking back at my old silly photos but after more than an hour filtering tonnes of album, I started to get tired of it and I wondered why I want to get myself into this. Haha! Told you I’m a lazy blogger.

Walking down to the memory lane….

’04 - Please don’t laugh ok! It was my Ah Lian era. Fusion colour was an IN thing. The highlight technic is called chunking (source), where they do the highlight on a big chunk of hair instead of by small strands, using bold and striking colours. This hairstyle speaks for itself – wild and playful (and lala too). That was me 8 years ago. Maybe you’ll be able to guess it – yes, it was also my party animal era.

’05 – I was bored with my forever-straight hair so I went to perm it (no photo) and that was the worst decision ever! My face looked rounder than ever with those curls. I must apply mousse to the curls after I washed my hair, otherwise I would look like a crazy lion with tangled hair. I couldn’t stand sleeping with sticky hair and most of all, I felt like an aunty :( So to save my soul, I went to straighten it back, just one week after I permed it . Curls gone, money gone, hair gone. Say hi to short hair!

Lesson learned:
1. Do not perm when hair is not long enough.
2. Choose the right curl.
3. Get a good hairstylist!

’06 – My hair was recovering from the last year’s damage but that didn’t stop me from playing around with colours and highlight. I also bought myself a set of curling iron and started to do experiment with it.

’07 – I liked wavy hair but permanent perm was still a no-no! Beside curling iron, I also learned how to create wavy hair with braids (picture no. 3). Although I did not master it well, but the steps are pretty easy. Braid a few sections of your hair where you want the curls to be, sleep with it and you’ll have lovely zig zag curls the next morning ♥

’08 – I kept my hair long and layer-y but fringe, I liked it short. Shorter = cuter :P I always had to think of ways to make my long hair less boring like tie a bun, pin up my fringe, curl it, braid it.. that was about it. My hairstyling skills were pretty limited. So I heard my heart screaming…. IT’S TIME TO REVAMP YOUR LONG AND BORING HAIR! I succumbed to my inner sense and chopped it off to a classic bob. Bob haircuts were a BIG HIT then. And I got to say I LOVE IT! Very easy to manage and it made my face looks a little smaller.

’09 – Whoops, 2009 was a roller-coaster year. From bob to short and back to bob and then short again and by the end of the year, I had shoulder length hair. The hairband-craze wave came crashing and I was one of the victims. Hairband came in handy to accessorize my dull hair. Especially for that particular year, I had a few wedding dinners to attend.

’10 – I was very obsessed with Sammi Cheng’s pixie haircut after I watched her concert in HK! It was absolutely chic and edgy! I was dying to have the same haircut as hers, but Chris discouraged me by telling me that I have a round face (very true) and the risk that I’m going to face. But after weeks of relentless persuasion, Chris finally gave me the green light, yay! It was undoubtedly a big move for me! Surely it was not the first time I cut my hair short but never so short and spiky, on the right side! Nope, I did not regret. In fact, I loved my new edgy look! I kept the same haircut for the entire year.

’11 – Do you know how hard is it to grow back your hair after such a short haircut? After some time, I lost my patience and went to cut it short again. But finally after a bad haircut in June (just right before my Tasmania trip, geesh), I managed to stay away from hair saloon for months except once when I went to touch up my hair colour. After all, I needed to keep a longer hair for my photo shoot.

’12 – I’m still pretty traumatized by the bad haircut incident last year. It’s just so hard to find a good and trustable hairstylist. When you thought you have finally found the right one, he/she scares you away with a bad haircut. After so many years of experience, I found that it all boils down to… LUCK! Anyway, my hair is showing a significant growth as I didn’t cut it for the past 9 months! It’s an achievement and definitely a record! I did trim a little bit though before CNY but really just a lil’ bit, so it doesn’t count. My hair now is in (light) honey brown colour, which I think the color is too light for me. Not exactly what I requested but as I said, it's luck. For the time being, I want to keep it long because I’m feeling womanly. Lol! But I might change my mind anytime :)

So after the analysis as above, I’d say, I like to do changes to my hair but nothing extreme. I follow my own senses but with a safe guideline. Easy to manage and hassle-free are the few important words in my hair bible.

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Pot Luck Party on 初六!

This year, my CNY schedule is full-packed for an entire week until I have to skip one of them to get a half day rest. I literally used up every single bit of my CNY holidays - out from morning/afternoon till late night. Albeit a little exhausted but I feel good! I reckon I should be happy that I’m busy on a festive season because that means I have a lot of relatives and friends! :D Not that I really have a lot but enough to keep me occupied for one whole week.

CNY is the best time to organize gathering with friends as everyone will be on holiday. Nic, Bel, Sus (my ex-schoolmates) and I have organized a pot luck party on 初六at Nic’s beautiful condo. I have been craving to try Nic’s cooking and pancake, so this is a good chance!

Pot luck is fun! Everyone has to bring over some home-cooked dishes for the party, so we will have a lot of food varieties and also get to try each other’s cooking. I’m cheating if I tell you that I have no stress at all! Even if it’s just fried mihun, something I’m familiar with, but the last time I touched the kitchen stove was like months ago… But I’m glad it turns out ok, pheww!

Come take a peek of what we have on the table:-

Yee Sang – Sponsored by Nic.
Green Curry Chicken & Chai Poh Egg – By Nic.
Herbal Chicken Soup – By Bel.
Fried Mihun – By me.
Honeydew Sago – By Sus.

Well Nic can actually cook very well! Her green curry is lip-smacking good! It goes very well with rice. Seeing her transformed from a rebel girl (I’m sorry :) in school to now, a lovely mother of two who can cook so well… I’m so impressed and proud of her!

Not to forget, Bel’s nutritious herbal chicken soup that can warm up anyone’s tummy anytime. Have to give her credit for making effort to cook the soup although she was in a rush. I love Sus’s honeydew sago too! Just the right amount of sweetness. Sus likes to cook and explore new recipes (a potential good wife).

Not long after the hearty lunch, guess what…. It’s pancake and tea time! Wonder why we have such a big appetite…

We stand in the kitchen to watch the making of pancake and are waiting eagerly, like a kid. It seems simple! But first of all, I need to have a non-stick pan. The outcome is very lovely indeed. It somehow reminded me of Doraemon.

Here comes the legendary pancake! As quoted by Nalyssa “The yummiest pancake in the world!” and I got to agree with her. So simple but yet so addictive! Taste even better with maple syrup. Ok, when I have my own kitchen, I’ll definitely get a non-stick pan and make this!

Words of wisdom in our fortune cookie. Chris and I got the same one! Ok,I know you can't read it here, never mind.

Like Nic said, we should do something like this more often. I guess I should learn some new recipes before the next round! Actually I have thought of what to cook for the coming pot luck gathering (if there is any) but I shall keep it a secret first for now, hehe.

Wednesday, February 01, 2012


Reunion dinner – CHECKED


Collect ang pow - CHECKED

Give ang pow to elderly - CHECKED

Gamble - CHECKED

Lou sang – CHECKED

Have done all the CNY routine. So there goes my Chinese new year T_T …… But today ain’t the last day yet, still got 5 days to go before it officially end. And after that I have to wait for yet another year *sigh*

So what else? Hmm… Ya, I’m one year older. Hate to say that but I’m 29 already this year and going to reach the digit “3” next year! In fact in Chinese calculation, I’m 30 already by now. But I follow western calculation one ok! To be precise, up to today, I’m only 28 years 1 month and x days old. You see, that makes a big difference!

Our first 3 days of CNY are very routine:

初一 : All gather at Grandparent’s house. Eat, drink, CAMWHORE!

初二 : Out to 拜年(visit relatives) for one whole day. About 7-8 houses to visit. Usually a tired day!

初三 : Movie day!

I have tonnes of photo to share but I’ll try to cut it short as most of them are plainly vain photos of me and my bunch of cousin sis *u*



*photos taken at my Aunt Natalie's new house.


No photos. Surprised!

Sometimes I wonder how long can we keep this tradition as eventually, my cousin sisters will get married and they will have to be at their hubby’s house instead (as the Chinese tradition, the wife has to be at the husband’s house on the first day of CNY). Unless no one wants them :p But well, I suppose life is ever changing isn’t it? So cheers to now, this moment and us! : )

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