Friday, January 20, 2012

Lunch : Tanzini, G Tower

This is definitely very out-dated. I went on Oct ‘2011 – about 4 months ago! But I still want to post it because I want to clear my blogging debts before Chinese New Year. As the Chinese saying, one must clear all debts before entering into a new year. Ermm… car loan doesn’t count I suppose :P

Buildings around G Tower are rising up fast. Sooner, there might be no more KLCC view in Tanzini! :/

We were utilizing our Milk-A-Deal’s vouchers for the lunch. RM38.00 for a 3-course lunch at Tanzini was definitely a steal! Although choices were pretty limited (only 2 options for main course) but for the price we were paying (and the view), I couldn’t complain. It was a rather quiet afternoon at Tanzini with only 2 tables occupied but the quiet vibes didn’t last long after I entered. Haha!

Salad of the day

Chilli Tagliatelle Prawn

Tuscany Style Grilled Chicken – First time eating gnocchi and I like it - very chewy. The chicken on the other hand, tasted ordinary. And I agreed with Chris that the chicken had chicken smell which was a put-off. Chicken without chicken smell…. Isn’t it ironic? Humans are so hard to please!

Crème Brulee with Biscotti – The crème brulee came in a small portion which was a plus point for me because I don’t like too much of a sweet thing.

Ice Cappuccino (and me) – cold is better than hot.

Warm and breezy Malaysia ~

Are you excited already?? I AM! Just two more days to Chinese New Year woo hoo! Although the excitement feeling has decreased as I get older but nevertheless, I LOVE CNY! It’s probably the best time of the year! Here wishing everyone in the year of Dragon:





  1. I am also excited about the CNY, in fact I am just about finished with an Amigurumi Crochet Dragon to welcome the year, will post some pics on my blog on Monday, Happy New Year to you!!!

  2. I haven't been back to Tanzini ever since I had a bad experience in May last year.

  3. Not too excited about cny and was about to blog about tanzini!

  4. rm38 per pax? or both?
    food looks very delicious though. :)
    love all the pics.

    1. RM38 per pax. You can keep an eye on Groupon / Milkadeal website. Worth a visit :)
      Thank you!


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