Thursday, January 12, 2012

Birthday : Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside

On my birthday at 01:27am, I received a birthday message from Chris (we were together but Chris secretly send the message while I was out of the room). Together with the birthday message was a surprise note: Another surprise for you, pack your dress and stuffs for a one night stay at hotel. I giggled and start asking “Where ah where ah?? But I think I better not know until tomorrow so that I can be more surprise.” ^^

So basically, I had no idea where it is until we reached there! Of course I couldn’t refrain myself from making a few guess along the way but I didn’t get the correct answer.

After check-in, we were guided to our room by a friendly staff and she briefly explained to us the hotel’s facilities along the way. When she pushed open the door, I was absolutely excited to see a big and spacious room! Very much like a resort - my cup of tea!

I quickly jumped on the plush-y bed once I put down my bag. And the next thing was of course….. ahemm hemm… u know…
Ok, to prevent you from thinking about “something” else, the answer is actually CAMWHORE!

Camwhore max!!

I super love this studio room! I want to pack everything in this room into my bag and bring them home! I especially love the fact that they have ceiling fan. Because I can’t really sleep well in an air-con room, so ceiling fan is just right for me and it provides better ventilation too.

And the big bathroom and the rain shower and the toilet bowl…. Can I bring it back too? Hmm, but maybe not the toilet bowl, thanks!

Kitchen. We didn’t utilize the kitchen but Chris enjoyed brewing coffee with the coffeemaker.

In the evening, we went out for a stroll at the poolside and to explore the surroundings but time was simply too short! Before we could explore the other side of the resort, it was time for dinner!

Malaysia’s Big Ben? Lol!

To be continued… :)


  1. Happy Belated New Year and Birthday to you!

    Wow, that is an amazing hotel room, looks like you really had a great time!!!

  2. Thank you Sunshine! Hugs!
    Oh yes, this hotel is a great place to have a short weekend getaway! :)

  3. Chris always knows how to spoil you :)

  4. Blushed...! Got to say, Chris is a dear sweetheart! ^.^

  5. envious!!!! hahaha m glad u had a great b day celebrated =D c u soon ! beary hugs.

  6. This room is way too big for 2 ppl lah, but who care!! You & Chris can golek-golek on the floor :P


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