Friday, January 20, 2012

Lunch : Tanzini, G Tower

This is definitely very out-dated. I went on Oct ‘2011 – about 4 months ago! But I still want to post it because I want to clear my blogging debts before Chinese New Year. As the Chinese saying, one must clear all debts before entering into a new year. Ermm… car loan doesn’t count I suppose :P

Buildings around G Tower are rising up fast. Sooner, there might be no more KLCC view in Tanzini! :/

We were utilizing our Milk-A-Deal’s vouchers for the lunch. RM38.00 for a 3-course lunch at Tanzini was definitely a steal! Although choices were pretty limited (only 2 options for main course) but for the price we were paying (and the view), I couldn’t complain. It was a rather quiet afternoon at Tanzini with only 2 tables occupied but the quiet vibes didn’t last long after I entered. Haha!

Salad of the day

Chilli Tagliatelle Prawn

Tuscany Style Grilled Chicken – First time eating gnocchi and I like it - very chewy. The chicken on the other hand, tasted ordinary. And I agreed with Chris that the chicken had chicken smell which was a put-off. Chicken without chicken smell…. Isn’t it ironic? Humans are so hard to please!

Crème Brulee with Biscotti – The crème brulee came in a small portion which was a plus point for me because I don’t like too much of a sweet thing.

Ice Cappuccino (and me) – cold is better than hot.

Warm and breezy Malaysia ~

Are you excited already?? I AM! Just two more days to Chinese New Year woo hoo! Although the excitement feeling has decreased as I get older but nevertheless, I LOVE CNY! It’s probably the best time of the year! Here wishing everyone in the year of Dragon:




Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Christmas Afternoon Tea: Lounge on the Park, Mandarin Oriental.

I simply couldn’t resist the word “high tea”! For me, it resembles a pretty tea pot and 3 tiers of too-lovely-to-eat dessert.

Experiencing afternoon tea at The Ritz-Carlton was in my birthday wish list last year but after reading reviews in Baby Sumo’s blog, I thought I’d give Mandarin Oriental a shot instead. Hehe! By the way, Chris reads Baby Sumo’s blog too. So when there’s any good find, we’d share the link among us and discuss together which one worth to try out. Cheers to food blogs!

But instead of going on my birthday, we went on Christmas’s eve. Tagging along together with us was my cousin sister, Mun.

Peppermint Tea. Although I’m not a tea person but I simply love peppermint tea. Very refreshing and cooling. But for some, it might taste like toothpaste :9

Christmas Afternoon Tea Set. Sugar overdose!

Macaron. Lemon for Earl Grey Tea. Scone. Assorted Butter & Jams.

I can’t say I enjoyed everything on the tray as some were overly sweet, but I like the sandwiches and scones. And the butter and cream. The scones were not as good as The Ritz (London) though. The freshly baked scones at The Ritz are to-die-for!

Silly faces of us. Sugar high!

Based on my experience at The Ritz, I already warned myself, Chris and Mun to keep an empty stomach before going but still, there were leftovers on the tray! We are lousy eaters… -_-

The good thing is, you can pack home the leftovers but at that moment you might want to say - PLEASE DON’T LET ME SEE ANYTHING SWEET ANYMORE!

Nevertheless, we had a pleasure time there. I especially enjoyed very much the live piano music and Christmas songs playing on the background.

Ok, end of high tea story. Now…… let’s countdown to Chinese New Year! New clothes are waiting for me in the wardrobe! I’m lucky this year, I manage to find clothes for CNY! Basically, I have started to collect since months ago. This is due to my past experience... I used to have difficulties in finding nice (and red) clothes for CNY because I shopped at the last minute like 2 weeks before. So, better start collecting early! :D


She is Mun, my lil’ (cousin) sista. She is one good girl! She does all the house chores, she cooks, she is caring, she is humble, she has a kind heart… how often do you stumble upon a teenage girl like her nowadays? I mean, I’m proud of her!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Birthday : B's, Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside

We were given 3 vouchers during check-in – 50% off for BBQ buffet dinner at The Village, 30% off for spa treatment at Fit & Spa Lounge and 10% off on ala-carte menu at B’s Restaurant. For dining, obviously the BBQ buffet dinner was the best deal, plus the environment seemed great.

So after our evening walk, we headed to the lake side where The Village was located at. We walked in to the reception…. but nobody layan us. So we walked further to have a peep at their buffet spread and luckily we did because we found that there were not many selections of raw meat and seafood for the BBQ.

And so we fled to B’s!

I was secretly feeling happy that Chris didn’t opt for that BBQ buffet as I was still feeling rather full and would prefer something lighter. The menu at B’s was quite basic, offering a mixture of asian and western food. The ambience was cosy too, with Christmas decoration still hanging on the wall.

Pan Seared Sesame Crusted Tuna with Rocket Leaves – light and refreshing.

Spicy Thai Tom Yum Goong – good enough to increase my appetite but quite salty.

Nasi Goreng Pullman with Prawns, Chicken Satay, Pickle Vegetable, Fried Egg and Fried Chicken – so many things in one plate, yum! The best option for greedy eater or for sharing :9

Although nothing wow about the dinner but at least we were back with a satisfied tummy = )

Wow, 3 posts in a week. That's a rare! Kind of rushing to finish up all outstanding posts before Chinese New Year because... it is just 1 week away!! I’m feeling excited already with so many things coming up! Time to gather with all relatives and get ang pow, tee hee! And most of all, get crazy with my bunch of cousin sisters!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Birthday : Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside

On my birthday at 01:27am, I received a birthday message from Chris (we were together but Chris secretly send the message while I was out of the room). Together with the birthday message was a surprise note: Another surprise for you, pack your dress and stuffs for a one night stay at hotel. I giggled and start asking “Where ah where ah?? But I think I better not know until tomorrow so that I can be more surprise.” ^^

So basically, I had no idea where it is until we reached there! Of course I couldn’t refrain myself from making a few guess along the way but I didn’t get the correct answer.

After check-in, we were guided to our room by a friendly staff and she briefly explained to us the hotel’s facilities along the way. When she pushed open the door, I was absolutely excited to see a big and spacious room! Very much like a resort - my cup of tea!

I quickly jumped on the plush-y bed once I put down my bag. And the next thing was of course….. ahemm hemm… u know…
Ok, to prevent you from thinking about “something” else, the answer is actually CAMWHORE!

Camwhore max!!

I super love this studio room! I want to pack everything in this room into my bag and bring them home! I especially love the fact that they have ceiling fan. Because I can’t really sleep well in an air-con room, so ceiling fan is just right for me and it provides better ventilation too.

And the big bathroom and the rain shower and the toilet bowl…. Can I bring it back too? Hmm, but maybe not the toilet bowl, thanks!

Kitchen. We didn’t utilize the kitchen but Chris enjoyed brewing coffee with the coffeemaker.

In the evening, we went out for a stroll at the poolside and to explore the surroundings but time was simply too short! Before we could explore the other side of the resort, it was time for dinner!

Malaysia’s Big Ben? Lol!

To be continued… :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Birthday : Sage, The Gardens

Sage is one of the few shortlisted restaurants for my birthday this year (2011). Although I went once for my birthday as well last year, but I don’t mind to revisit at all as the foods and environment are great! In fact, I don’t mind to visit regularly like Baby Sumo did (Sage is like her canteen) but it’ll surely burn a hole in our Chris’s wallet if we do so! But RM100.00 net for a set of delightful 3 courses lunch is totally worth every penny. Besides, Sage has my favourite – truffle!

Hoho, Chris had a little surprise for me :) Apparently, they have this 4 courses truffle menu set. Price a little higher than the normal lunch set menu but the amount of the truffle served in each course is quite generous I would say. I was not aware until the 2nd course was served! Maybe I should have noticed during the 1st course as it was different from the normal menu but I was in a high mood I didn’t care much, plus I was away when Chris places order. Well I have say, it is very true that pig loves truffle! Say yay to truffle indulgence!

Soft and warm bread with basil dip.

Egg Mollet of Kampung Chicken on Toast with Shaving Black Truffle and Parmesan Cheese – a nice combination.

Carpaccio of Hokkaido Scallop with Winter Black Truffle and Organic Sakura Cress.

Warm Fedelini Pasta served with Shaving Winter Black Truffle and Parmesan Cheese – The aroma itself has won my heart. The pasta sauce went very well with the truffle. Absolutely yum!

Passion Fruit Sorbet – the perfect palate cleanser. Very refreshing, I want more!

Pan Roasted New Zealand Pink Snapper with Sauce Périgueux – what I love the most about this dish was the zucchini flower! :P

Roasted Marinated Black Cod Fish with Pane of Oyster and Cepe Mushroom Ragout

Before the dessert was served, I still jokingly said “Eh, is it the dessert will also have truffle..?” and I was right! I like the puff at the bottom but I have to say that the truffle in this dessert served more like a garnishing rather than complementing the taste.

Kahlua Bavarois with Coffee Jelly and Mascarpone Cream

Happy Birthday to Pig! *oink oink*

I know I’m rather late but Happy New Year 2012! ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ

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