Tuesday, December 13, 2011

With Love, From Paris

Recycling the name of my album in Facebook :D

As promised last week, more photos of our photo shooting in Paris ~ Have to do it fast while I’m feeling hardworking!

A pair of workmates, a pair of mother-daughter, a pair of friends, a pair of doggies and a pair of loving couple (:P) ~

Between the white and red dresses, which one you like better? Many complimented about the red dress. In fact, the red dress does fit me better although both have been altered. The white long dress kept sliding down during the photo shooting day which was pretty annoying and embarrassing as we had to travel a lot on feet. I had to keep adjusting it like every minute… -_- Although I’m pretty sure I won’t wear it again but I do love the white dress. It is quite what I wanted and probably the first long dress that I own.

I got them both from a popular China’s online shopping website – Tao Bao. Each costs about RM150 including shipping fees and agent’s commission. It’s considerably cheaper than buying or renting from bridal shop but do not expect very fine quality and alteration is most probably unavoidable. There is a minor flaw on the red dress but I’m fine with it as long as it’s not something too obvious. Well, there’s always a risk purchasing things online.

Talking about dress, I don’t know which dress to wear for Chris’s cousin sister wedding dinner this coming Sunday. I thought of getting a new one but couldn’t find any last weekend. Actually, I did found a few nice ones at a boutique nearby my house but it doesn’t look good on me :( What else, thanks to my fat thigh.


  1. Another set of beautiful photos.

    I like both dresses, but the red one is more striking in the photos :)

  2. Great shots, love the photography style! The Red dress look good on you :)

  3. Baby Sumo: Thanks Baby Sumo! Ya, the red dress is really more eye-catching.

    Choi Yen: Thanks thanks! :)


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