Sunday, December 25, 2011

Eat : Paris

Meals we had in Paris were quite random. At times, we would dine at a decent restaurant or café, while on some tiring days we would just grab ‘n go some quick meals. But what I enjoyed the most was Chris’s home-cooked soup and breakfast. How pampered I was, I get to eat home-cooked food in Paris! I remember waking up to the lovely smell of toast and coffee in the morning ~~ Mmm well, not exactly toast and coffee but fried egg and ham. But still, “toast and coffee” makes a lovelier sentence :P
And…. in the evening, while I bath, Chris would cook soup for dinner. Aha, isn’t it good to have a personal chef? Alas, we only had kitchen to use for 3 days throughout the entire trip as we did not opt for an apartment for the remaining days.

Nope, I did not take any photos of Chris’s home-cooked meal. Too busy eating.

And I also did not take photos of the many quick meals that we had. Too tired.

So what I have is some photos of food we had in restaurant and café. Are you ready to hear your stomach growls? Tee hee...

Breakfast at Café Lateral, not far from Arc De Triomphe.

Let's start with a sweet & hot chocolate ~

Croissant, French Bread, Butter and Jam.

Scrambled Eggs with Smoked Salmon

Breakfast at Le Malakoff, Trocadero

Hot Chocolate, yum!

Fried Eggs with Ham

Lunch at Lecritoire Café, Place De La Sorbonne

Duck Foie Gras with Toasts

Salmon Steak with Sorrel, Tagliatelle

Cheese platter

Caramelized Custard Cream

Dinner & supper at Japanese restaurant
Chris & I are still raving about this quaint little Japanese restaurant opposite to Hotel Du Lourve. Everything was simple and unpretentious but yet so unforgettable. We ate about 4 meals there (dine in & take-away)!

Sushi Maki Bento - the sushi rice was fluffy and the ingredients used were very fresh. Just couldn't get enough of it!

Salmon Teriyaki.

Absolutely delicious Chicken Yakitori.

Merry Christmas!! ** ** *** Have a wonderful day!


  1. You didn't eat foie gras, escargots or macarons in Paris?

  2. I couldn't make it to try Laduree's macarons :'( ..... So regret! Uhuhu...

  3. ah Laduree's macarons! Its really omg! even after 3 days. i try buying some here but still nothin is better or as good! but kinda expensive haha 1 for almost rm10 i think..

  4. Oh you tried Laduree's macarons?! So good ... T.T And now Air Asia has cancelled their flight to London and Paris, damn! No more hope...


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