Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Behind The Scene

Bruised feet, sore legs, grumpy mood….. all ugly facts which you can’t see in the pictures. The entire process was filled with anxiety I would say. From the moment we jump-started on the photographer hunting mission to receiving the photos – we were all exciting yet nervous. Worried that the photographer wouldn’t turn up, worried that the dress would reach late, worried that the dress would look terrible on me, worried about the weather, worried about the outcome of the photos… too much to worry!

Let me roughly draft out the entire process:-

1. Search for photographer in Google and send enquiries to shortlisted ones.
2. Compare prices and quality as well as their photography styles.
3. Send confirmation email to the selected photographer and a couple of follow up emails to confirm on the venue, date and miscellaneous stuffs.
4. Browse for dresses and gowns at Tao Bao and Ebay.
5. Send enquiry to Malaysia’s Tao Bao agents, get quotation, do comparison and put in order.
6. Wait for parcel to arrive.
7. Send dresses and shirts to alter.
8. Hunt for accessories and shoes and also black blazer for Chris.

……………… zzZZZ where am I now? I give up. Too tedious to list down every single thing *yawn*

In one word, we did most of the things and arrangement by ourselves. Besides, I also did the make up by myself. As for the hair-do, long story cut short, I did it at a saloon nearby to our rented apartment – a very last minute decision. It costs me about RM200. Had quite an unpleasant experience in the saloon. What I can say is; I nearly ended up looking like a mushroom head.

After all the pain the time and energy spent, we are more than glad that the outcome is satisfying and we are also grateful that everything has sailed smoothly for us.

The greatest gift for our 10th anniversary. There isn’t any better way to freeze the beautiful moment ♥


  1. there are tao bao agents? how come i dont know one?

  2. Yes, there are! We are using this agent we found at lowyat forum

    Her service is fast and good. But apparently, she is not in Malaysia now :|

  3. I'm glad everything turned out well for u dear. Photos you can cherish forever :)

  4. & the result compensate all your "pain"... :)

  5. Choi Yen: Lol! Couldn't agree more :D

  6. like a fairytale... look at the fabulous pic.. endless admire...

  7. Up till now, I have received like countless compliments from you, so touched!


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