Sunday, December 25, 2011

Eat : Paris

Meals we had in Paris were quite random. At times, we would dine at a decent restaurant or café, while on some tiring days we would just grab ‘n go some quick meals. But what I enjoyed the most was Chris’s home-cooked soup and breakfast. How pampered I was, I get to eat home-cooked food in Paris! I remember waking up to the lovely smell of toast and coffee in the morning ~~ Mmm well, not exactly toast and coffee but fried egg and ham. But still, “toast and coffee” makes a lovelier sentence :P
And…. in the evening, while I bath, Chris would cook soup for dinner. Aha, isn’t it good to have a personal chef? Alas, we only had kitchen to use for 3 days throughout the entire trip as we did not opt for an apartment for the remaining days.

Nope, I did not take any photos of Chris’s home-cooked meal. Too busy eating.

And I also did not take photos of the many quick meals that we had. Too tired.

So what I have is some photos of food we had in restaurant and café. Are you ready to hear your stomach growls? Tee hee...

Breakfast at Café Lateral, not far from Arc De Triomphe.

Let's start with a sweet & hot chocolate ~

Croissant, French Bread, Butter and Jam.

Scrambled Eggs with Smoked Salmon

Breakfast at Le Malakoff, Trocadero

Hot Chocolate, yum!

Fried Eggs with Ham

Lunch at Lecritoire Café, Place De La Sorbonne

Duck Foie Gras with Toasts

Salmon Steak with Sorrel, Tagliatelle

Cheese platter

Caramelized Custard Cream

Dinner & supper at Japanese restaurant
Chris & I are still raving about this quaint little Japanese restaurant opposite to Hotel Du Lourve. Everything was simple and unpretentious but yet so unforgettable. We ate about 4 meals there (dine in & take-away)!

Sushi Maki Bento - the sushi rice was fluffy and the ingredients used were very fresh. Just couldn't get enough of it!

Salmon Teriyaki.

Absolutely delicious Chicken Yakitori.

Merry Christmas!! ** ** *** Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Behind The Scene

Bruised feet, sore legs, grumpy mood….. all ugly facts which you can’t see in the pictures. The entire process was filled with anxiety I would say. From the moment we jump-started on the photographer hunting mission to receiving the photos – we were all exciting yet nervous. Worried that the photographer wouldn’t turn up, worried that the dress would reach late, worried that the dress would look terrible on me, worried about the weather, worried about the outcome of the photos… too much to worry!

Let me roughly draft out the entire process:-

1. Search for photographer in Google and send enquiries to shortlisted ones.
2. Compare prices and quality as well as their photography styles.
3. Send confirmation email to the selected photographer and a couple of follow up emails to confirm on the venue, date and miscellaneous stuffs.
4. Browse for dresses and gowns at Tao Bao and Ebay.
5. Send enquiry to Malaysia’s Tao Bao agents, get quotation, do comparison and put in order.
6. Wait for parcel to arrive.
7. Send dresses and shirts to alter.
8. Hunt for accessories and shoes and also black blazer for Chris.

……………… zzZZZ where am I now? I give up. Too tedious to list down every single thing *yawn*

In one word, we did most of the things and arrangement by ourselves. Besides, I also did the make up by myself. As for the hair-do, long story cut short, I did it at a saloon nearby to our rented apartment – a very last minute decision. It costs me about RM200. Had quite an unpleasant experience in the saloon. What I can say is; I nearly ended up looking like a mushroom head.

After all the pain the time and energy spent, we are more than glad that the outcome is satisfying and we are also grateful that everything has sailed smoothly for us.

The greatest gift for our 10th anniversary. There isn’t any better way to freeze the beautiful moment ♥

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

With Love, From Paris

Recycling the name of my album in Facebook :D

As promised last week, more photos of our photo shooting in Paris ~ Have to do it fast while I’m feeling hardworking!

A pair of workmates, a pair of mother-daughter, a pair of friends, a pair of doggies and a pair of loving couple (:P) ~

Between the white and red dresses, which one you like better? Many complimented about the red dress. In fact, the red dress does fit me better although both have been altered. The white long dress kept sliding down during the photo shooting day which was pretty annoying and embarrassing as we had to travel a lot on feet. I had to keep adjusting it like every minute… -_- Although I’m pretty sure I won’t wear it again but I do love the white dress. It is quite what I wanted and probably the first long dress that I own.

I got them both from a popular China’s online shopping website – Tao Bao. Each costs about RM150 including shipping fees and agent’s commission. It’s considerably cheaper than buying or renting from bridal shop but do not expect very fine quality and alteration is most probably unavoidable. There is a minor flaw on the red dress but I’m fine with it as long as it’s not something too obvious. Well, there’s always a risk purchasing things online.

Talking about dress, I don’t know which dress to wear for Chris’s cousin sister wedding dinner this coming Sunday. I thought of getting a new one but couldn’t find any last weekend. Actually, I did found a few nice ones at a boutique nearby my house but it doesn’t look good on me :( What else, thanks to my fat thigh.

Friday, December 09, 2011

I am not a BRIDE!

…. Or I am? Gah, I’m confused now!

This is exactly what I replied to my friends in Facebook.

After I have uploaded our photo shoot in Facebook, comments like “Congratulations…!” and “Nice pre-wedding photos..” were pouring all over my album! I am certainly happy with all the lovely messages and compliments from friends but somehow, there’s a hint of guilt inside me as I’m not a real bride. Not that I don’t want to be, but I can’t. Not in Malaysia anyway.

For us to get officially registered as a “couple”, we would need to travel a thousand miles away from home which, is out of our budget for the time being. But at the end of the day, it very much depends on what your heart thinks. As long as we are both happy together, nothing else matters.


So yeah, I said it.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t jump happily when Chris told me that we are going to have a pre-wedding-like photoshoot at Paris! What can I say, Chris is a sweetheart (not when is nagging me though)! Gosh, how many times have I said this?

I want to confess again…. I purposely bought a white dress for the photo shoot because I …… like white dresses desperately want to look like a bride T.T ….. I adore white bridal gowns. I mean how often does a girl have the opportunity to wear white gowns? Anyway, the one I wore for the photo shoot is just a very simple one (and cheap too). That’s what I want – simple and comfortable. Will probably share more about the dress in the coming post ~

So after all the mumbles and confessions, it’s finally time for photos! Individually hand-picked by me for your viewing pleasure :D

Je t'aime

Cotton candy love.

More to come in the next post! ♥

Happy long weekend for those who are working in Selangor! Yay, I LOVE DECEMBER!

Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Perfect 10!

1, 2, 3…. 10 years and counting!

I feel amazing. 10 years may seem like a very long period but spending it with a lovely person, 10 years is nothing! Of course we do have ups and downs, arguments, conflicts and tears which are unavoidable in every relationship but we learn along the way. In my humble little dictionary, the most important word for a rewarding relationship is “APPRECIATE”. Ahh, I don’t know how to elaborate more as I’m not at all a love expert. In fact, I have uncountable flaws which is a shame to mention!

Nevertheless, we always love to do things that’ll keep the passion alive like a dinner date, going to holidays and small surprises. I’m really grateful to have found someone who doesn’t mind to do something romantic. I personally know a lot of guys/people who don’t! Especially those who have got married. It doesn’t always have to be HUGE and expensive ones. Some simple and sweet gestures can go a long way.

Chris is caring, loving, charming, knows how to cook, works hard for our future, good in catching cockroach…. and much much more! I’m very blessed indeed :)

I’m looking forward for our many years to come ♥

P/s: I should have written this on 1st Oct but simply have no time to do so. So, better late than never? :D By the way, that’s our photoshoot in Paris. Will definitely post more soon!

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