Tuesday, November 01, 2011

pAris ♥ Eiffel Tower

Bonjour! Been away for a while! Having a hard time squeezing out time to blog (as always).

Dream came true, yay ~ : )

Happy to announce that I have been to two of my dream places last month! That’s Paris & London :D I’m feeling so grateful because it was one of my biggest BIGGEST dreams ever! Thanks to Chris, my love, for making this happen! And Air Asia too, for the affordable air fare! In fact, thanks to everything! :’)

Sad thing is, we have used up our next year’s holiday quota :( If there is one, it’s definitely a BONUS!

Going to trip like this really hurts the wallet. Anyway, time for photos!

First photo in Paris! *excited* Can you see my tail?? It was a rainy day! Luckily it stopped after a while and we managed to walk to Trocadero. Just 2 mins from our apartment :D

Couldn’t get much nice pictures as the weather was gloomy…. :(

Back to Eiffel Tower on the 8th day to go up to the top! Wee wee woo woo! The queue at the ticket counter was crazily long! Aha, luckily we bought our ticket online! Tips: Get your entrance ticket online!

We’re up! Overlooking the Champs De Mars Park.

Seine River. Standing inside the 2nd floor lift that was heading up to the summit, I couldn’t help it but…. I started to sweat! As far as I know, I don’t have any serious height phobia but the fear just pop out halfway through. But I know I’m not alone! Because when the lift reached the top and the door opened, everyone in the lift gave a sigh of relief… Ahh!

Lingering around in cold, waiting for the best moment.

Yes, I’m waiting for you Sunset.

Down under.

Lights up! Eiffel at night.

Been scratching head on how to organize my post because things are a bit messy. But I have decided to post whatever that comes up first in my mind and just go with the flow. Cheers!


  1. Hehe nice that you managed to go to both Paris and London.So which do u prefer? :)

  2. Awesome trip, I am so happy you got one of your dreams come true, love the pics as always!!!

  3. Baby Sumo: Well, both places have their own attraction but... I kind of prefer.. London? Hard to make a choice!

    Sunshine: Hey, thanks! :D


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