Tuesday, November 08, 2011

pAris ♥ Dinner Cruise on Seine River

Eiffel Tower.

Paris is a romantic and beautiful place. Yes, that’s undeniable. But behind all those flowery pictures, there is an ugly side......

Dog poops are everywhere on the street – Parisian loves dog. They love to bring them to walk and their doggie will poo poo freely on the street. No, don’t ever hope that they will clean it up. Just watch your steps! Oppss… !

Pickpockets at tourist spots and in the Metro – It’s not something new there. It’s almost like a routine. We did our research on the website like Trip Advisor before we went. In fact, it happened to one of our friends too who went there just one month before us. So we changed our plan and took cab instead. To say it all, be extra extra careful of your belongings especially when you are at tourist spots. Always look around and be alert to your surroundings. Anyway, we saw a lot of police with firearms around Eiffel Tower, which is one of the high risk places. That at least made us worried a little lesser.

Dirty and complicated Metro – Though we have tried hard to stay away from Metro, we did take it once during our photo shooting day (that’s another story altogether) with the guidance of our photographer. What I saw was dirty and old subway, complicated metro lines and suspicious looking people. Brrr, I’m sorry but I just felt unsafe in there.

After all, we have to be thankful that we were safe and sound during the entire trip (although we did bump into what they called it “The Golden Ring Scam” people, where we ran away immediately when he tried to approach us. You can read about it at Trip Advisor.)

Alright let’s flip to another page with happier stuffs.



One of the best moments of my life :)

Dinner cruise on Seine River! Wow wow, that was like the best of the trip! Because there’s no crowd, no rush and no hassle… just sit back, relax and enjoy the food and view.

Chris browsing through the menu of the night.

Looking at the birds flying across the sky while listening to the soothing music…. mmm, bliss ~

Arrgh, what should I do? Look at the view or eat my food or take photos?? Couldn’t concentrate on one!

Chris took the early dinner cruise which starts from 6:30pm to 8:00pm. Just enough time to see the night view for a while but I'm already too happy! Highly recommended to everyone, very worth it!

Cheers to nice food, great view, romantic music and lovely boat restaurant! And most of all, cheers to Chris for the dinner arrangement! I ♥ u……

By the way, that was our last night in Paris. The dinner ended our Paris & London trip so perfectly that I had an emotional moment. But it lasted just for a short moment… because, everyone has to go home. However far you go, however beautiful it is….. there’s no place like home :)

Us in pAris ♪

Au revoir!


  1. Once again those pictures just make me wanna be in Paris right now, looks like you had a night to remember for years to come!!!

  2. Thanks Sunshine! :D Yes, the dinner was sweet and very memorable ^_^

  3. now, i would love a trip to paris!

  4. i love the evening scenery! :D it looks so great


  5. Michelle: Yes you should! I think you will like the shopping :P

    Fish: Hi there! Love it toooo :)


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