Friday, November 18, 2011

L.O.N.D.O.N ✈ The Red Telephone Booth

Whenever I think on London, the first icon that pops up in my mind is the RED TELEPHONE BOOTH! It’s almost like a must to take a photo with the telephone booth. Very touristy but hey, I’m a tourist! So here it is, our own version of “I’ve been to London” photo =D

Did I mention that it’s hard to find a clean telephone booth? Public phone nowadays is being extremely underutilised because, well, who doesn’t have a mobile phone? Or rather, who can live without a mobile phone? However, the existence of public phone as a part of public amenities is still essential. Hopefully the government of London will preserve the appearance of their renowned red telephone booth because they are an irreplaceable icon of London (for tourist to camwhore).

Sekian, terima kasih.

Why it sounds like I’m writing a conclusion for an essay with the title of “The Importance of Public Phone”? Perhaps the SPM exam season now has inspired my long lost menulis karangan skill! Oh well, I’m sure I’ll get a very low grade for that piece of crap!

You can call all you want,
But there’s no one home,
And you’re not gonna reach my telephone!

Happy Fly-day!


  1. Yes, those red telephone booths are awesome, we have one here on a local restaurant that also has a double decker bus as part of their decoration.

    Unfortunately some idiot decided to paint the telephone booth yellow with flowers, WTF! Now, it's no so awesome :(

  2. Ahh, the shouldn't have changed its original appearance. Perhaps they wanted to "refresh" the look but in a wrong way.

  3. hey dearie, very nice photos you have them here in your blog
    love reading your bits and pieces! cant wait for next post :D

  4. Ai Wei: Aww, thanks! But paiseh la, because my updates are very slow! ><

    But thanks for dropping by! ^^/

  5. That classic red booth looks like the one that Superman uses when he's about to come out and save the day! LOL! I agree with you, no one seems to notice telephone booths nowadays. Even so, these should be preserved and maintained to be used by some. These can also be an attracting factor. Taking a picture with it is a good idea (just like what you did). By the way, have you tried to use that phone to make a call?


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