Tuesday, November 29, 2011

L.O.N.D.O.N ✈High Tea at The Ritz

My first ever authentic English tea experience! ♥

Dressed appropriately for the high tea because dress code applies. The very gentleman maitre d’ offered to snap photo for us once we took out our camera. Very attentive, indeed.

What I can say…. I have always loved English high tea because….. they’re simply too pretty! I know there’s a price to pay for all the “prettiness”. The 3-tiered tray, the tea set, the gold-plated tea spoons and not to forget, the excellent service and the classy setting – it all comes with a price tag. But these are the little lovely things that make the entire high tea experience worthwhile.

Again, it was Chris’s idea to go there. I never did much research about dining places. Actually Chris intended to keep the high tea and dinner cruise as a surprise but as always, Chris spilled the beans! =D

Oh my love! Starts from the bottom: Sandwiches with 3 types of filling, scones, macarons, mini pastries and cakes. Tips: Please please go with an empty stomach! Everything is refillable! Non-stop!

We had set a bad example for everyone. We went with a half-full stomach - just 3 hours after binging on carbs at China Express (Chinese fast food)! Well, to our defense, we didn’t know that the fast food portion can be so big! If I could turn back time, I would skip breakfast and lunch and starve myself enough to eat everything on the 3-tiered tray + 3 times refill! *greedy mode turned on*

We were so full that we hadn’t taste anything on the top tier until the very last minute when the maître d’ approached us:

Maître d’: Hi lady, is there any problem with the desserts?

Me: Oh no no, we are just too full (insert smile).

Maître d’: Make sure you try a bit of everything lady.

So we did. But dreadfully. One lesson learnt.


  1. Awww Chris is so nice -- I have wanted to try afternoon tea in Ritz-Carlton London too but never had the time when we visited.

    And what a coincidence , I also blogged abt afternoon tea today :)

  2. Looks like the perfect spot to have afternoon tea for the first time, lucky you!

  3. The scones look so big in size!

  4. Baby Sumo: Never mind, remember to put into your makan list next time you visit! :D

    Sunshine: A memorable 1st time. I'm grateful! :)

    Choi Yen: It's actually not big if compared with what I saw in Baby Sumo's blog - high tea at Mandarin Oriental :)

  5. omg... damn nice. sigh, i wish i could have high tea at the ritz!

  6. Michelle: I'm sure you'll be there one day, food lover! ;)


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