Monday, November 21, 2011

L.O.N.D.O.N ✈ Do As The Tourists Do

Being the first time in London, we must do as the tourists do! We tried not to overwhelm our 3 days itinerary by picking just a few of must-go famous spots such as London Eye, Big Ben (Clock Tower) and Tower Bridge. And of course, a trip to London wouldn’t be complete without a lot of a little bit of shopping at Oxford Street. The rest of the empty gaps in the itinerary, as usual, we’d leave it for any last-minute decision. Our itinerary is always flexible. That’s the biggest pros of travelling without a tour group. We could jump on any impulsive decision and do things at our own pace. But then again, we still need to plan ahead as there are places with time restriction.

1st stop in London – Oxford Street! A looooooong stretch of shopping street. All you need is money, money, money! $$$$$! Walk till your leg break!
I have tried my best, but both photos couldn’t merge perfectly together.

Today’s menu: London Eye, London Eye River Cruise & 4D London Eye Cinema. Again, we bought the ticket online and there are many combinations of ticket available.

On the cruise.

The gloomy London Eye. Photo taken on the upper deck of the cruise - 5 minutes before it started to rain and we all had to run down to the covered lower deck. So ‘potong steam’!

I’m in the “eye”!

Up we go! Taking photos as if there’s no one else inside the cabin. They can’t chase me out, can they?

London Eye at its highest point.

Buckingham Palace.

Hey I’m The Princess of Goodyear Court. Open the gate for me! !

Big Ben, the clock tower. One of the most iconic landmarks of London.

I think this is a decent shot. Tell me it is! Otherwise I should just shoot pork burger for the rest of my life!

No, this is NOT the London Bridge but Tower Bridge. The real London Bridge is, well, just a very normal looking bridge. Like many people, I had always thought that Tower Bridge is London Bridge. When the cruise passed by London Bridge, I was like “So this is the London Bridge??”. What I can say is… our childhood song ‘London Bridge is falling down’ is misleading!

I'm going for a nice body scrub tonite. Just RM10 for members! Thanks to the monthly promotion at my regular beauty saloon. Yay, let's kick away the Monday blues!


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