Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Chris’s Birthday : F Concept Dining by Buffalo Kitchen, Bangsar

This was not one of the shortlisted restaurants that I picked for Chris’s Birthday treat. Not until when Chris rejected all my suggestion and came out with this option which was recommended by KampungboyCitygal (one of my favourite food blogs) food blog.

I called up to do booking once final decision was made and requested for a brighter area which was the “library area”, as suggested by the staff. The exact same place as where KampungboyCitygal were seated.

Remember this photo? Scroll up to see my new header!

Locating this restaurant was a brisk as it is right opposite Bangsar Village.

We were their first customer of the day as we were there at 12:00pm sharp (rarely so punctual :P). The restaurant was quiet and bright and had an open kitchen, as what I expected after reading the blog. I love their no-nonsense menu where you don’t need to crack your head thinking of what to eat.

Started off with the complimentary bread.

Smoked Salmon Crispy Egg Salad – Just by reading its name on the menu, we knew we couldn’t miss it! The crispy egg was neither too hard nor soft, paired with mayo mixture on the top and a handful of rocket leaves on the side, it won our heart! Honestly, is this a salad? :D

Barramundi with Seafood Risotto – I finished up most of the risotto as Chris was filled to the brim (in one word, I’m the bigger eater). I have tasted a couple of risotto dishes and I must say each one has different kind of texture and taste. This one had a grainier texture where the rice was still in its whole when served. Be it smooth or grainy, watery or dry – I like it all.

Chinese Steamed Sea-Bass – It was a surprise I would go for chinese style dishes instead of western. Maybe I’m tired with all the pan-seared and grilled. I was not disappointed at all with my choice. The fish was fresh and tender. When eaten together with the chilli paste (akin to belacan) on the side, the fish transformed from the-girl-next-door into a bombshell (lame pun)! I loved the roasted potatoes too.

Dark Chocolate Espresso Mousse – A very sweet ending to the meal. Too sweet indeed! From its name, I expected it to have a bitter taste but no traces of espresso were found inside the dessert.

Irish Coffee – Having the mood to try something new, Chris ordered this randomly without having an idea of how it tastes like. After Chris added in a pack of sugar, I had my 1st sip of Irish Coffee…. I went like *insert sour-ish face* the bitter taste was so strong! There was alcohol in the coffee! Just a minute ago I was complaining about the lack of bitter taste in the Dark Chocolate Espresso Mousse, and now I’m groaning about the over-bitterness in this Irish Coffee! How ironic! But hey, I found out that they both are the best match for each other. 1 scoop of overly-sweet mousse + 1 sip of overly-bitter coffee = a match made in heaven! ♥

The King of the day. Happy Birthday!


  1. Haha I'm also the bigger eater compared to HUbby :P

  2. Yay! High 5! Then I can be Baby Sumo no. 2 :D

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