Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Levain Boulangerie & Patisserie

I suddenly came to realize that there is a lot of restaurants that are refurbished from a bungalow house, all which has their own theme and signature. I have been to a few so far and I like the fact that, they are spacious and quiet. Some are even hidden in the mid of the city, which is an adventure to look for them.

Not all is quiet though. For an instance, Levain Boulangerie & Patisserie at Jalan Imbi is full of life!

We were there on a Sunday morning and were pleasantly surprised with the crowd inside despite the early hours (yes, 11am is still early on a Sunday). It was what we called “FULL HOUSE”! We nearly couldn’t get ourselves a table if it’s not the lovely lady who got up quickly when she saw us wandering around for a place to sit. The breakfast time was over (until 10:30am only) but there were a few options of hot meal available.

Garden Salad – complimentary with any hot meal.

Chicken Bolognese Spaghetti – Simple meal that you can cook at home but lazy :P

Margarita Pizza – Basically, it’s a vegetarian pizza with only tomatoes, basil leaves and mozzarella cheese on the top. My first time eating margarita pizza and I LOVE IT! Chris loves it too!

Testing the gooeyness of the cheese :P

Milk Chocolate Cheesecake and Le Caramelis – They say girls have a second stomach for desserts but I think I was not born with one. I always find that towards the dessert time, I’m usually filled to the brim and to finish up the dessert is like a dreadful task.

Fraise, Pistache & Limone Macarons – as sweet as it is. Despite the attractive colours, I don’t really like the macarons here.

Bitter Americano.

A cuppa to end the meal.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tokyo Street

Yes, Tokyo Street!! I’m sorry but I just got to know about Tokyo Street like a month ago via Baby Sumo’s blog. I was like “OMG #%&&*, I never heard anything about this at all! Am I living in the city??” Well, indeed, I suspect I’m living in the suburbs not city!

So yes, I was finally there for the 1st time 3 weeks ago! It was crowded with people who don’t want to be left out like me youngsters and families who wanted to catch a breath of Japan! It’s undeniably the hottest thing in Pavilion right now. The usual quiet 6th floor has now become a hotspot!

The ambience and the settings at Tokyo Street made me want to go to Japan even more! I have been craving to go to Tohoku after watching a TV travel programme. The view of red leaves during autumn is just so charming! And countless of onsen (hot spring) in the most beautiful surrounding that you can ever imagine!

But we are now talking about Japan, not Sekinchan or Kelantan! Maybe I shall start buying lottery tomorrow. Worst of all, I’m still in deep holi-debt (short form for holiday debt) T.T

For the meantime, Tokyo Street it is!

Ochado (茶の道) - Ochado’s Lemonade & Roasted Milk Tea with Pearls. The lemonade was fine but the roasted milk tea had too much pearl! Too much pearl make my gums tired and also blocking my way to sip and fully enjoy the milk tea. I shall ask for less pearl next time or maybe just skip it. Anyway, nothing wow about the milk tea flavour too, too light for my liking. Not worth the queue.

Wishing board. I want to make a wish too …..

I WANT TO STAY HEALTHY SO THAT I CAN LOVE AND BE LOVED!! (Be real Joey, you are not that sentimental. I know you!)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Chris’s Birthday : F Concept Dining by Buffalo Kitchen, Bangsar

This was not one of the shortlisted restaurants that I picked for Chris’s Birthday treat. Not until when Chris rejected all my suggestion and came out with this option which was recommended by KampungboyCitygal (one of my favourite food blogs) food blog.

I called up to do booking once final decision was made and requested for a brighter area which was the “library area”, as suggested by the staff. The exact same place as where KampungboyCitygal were seated.

Remember this photo? Scroll up to see my new header!

Locating this restaurant was a brisk as it is right opposite Bangsar Village.

We were their first customer of the day as we were there at 12:00pm sharp (rarely so punctual :P). The restaurant was quiet and bright and had an open kitchen, as what I expected after reading the blog. I love their no-nonsense menu where you don’t need to crack your head thinking of what to eat.

Started off with the complimentary bread.

Smoked Salmon Crispy Egg Salad – Just by reading its name on the menu, we knew we couldn’t miss it! The crispy egg was neither too hard nor soft, paired with mayo mixture on the top and a handful of rocket leaves on the side, it won our heart! Honestly, is this a salad? :D

Barramundi with Seafood Risotto – I finished up most of the risotto as Chris was filled to the brim (in one word, I’m the bigger eater). I have tasted a couple of risotto dishes and I must say each one has different kind of texture and taste. This one had a grainier texture where the rice was still in its whole when served. Be it smooth or grainy, watery or dry – I like it all.

Chinese Steamed Sea-Bass – It was a surprise I would go for chinese style dishes instead of western. Maybe I’m tired with all the pan-seared and grilled. I was not disappointed at all with my choice. The fish was fresh and tender. When eaten together with the chilli paste (akin to belacan) on the side, the fish transformed from the-girl-next-door into a bombshell (lame pun)! I loved the roasted potatoes too.

Dark Chocolate Espresso Mousse – A very sweet ending to the meal. Too sweet indeed! From its name, I expected it to have a bitter taste but no traces of espresso were found inside the dessert.

Irish Coffee – Having the mood to try something new, Chris ordered this randomly without having an idea of how it tastes like. After Chris added in a pack of sugar, I had my 1st sip of Irish Coffee…. I went like *insert sour-ish face* the bitter taste was so strong! There was alcohol in the coffee! Just a minute ago I was complaining about the lack of bitter taste in the Dark Chocolate Espresso Mousse, and now I’m groaning about the over-bitterness in this Irish Coffee! How ironic! But hey, I found out that they both are the best match for each other. 1 scoop of overly-sweet mousse + 1 sip of overly-bitter coffee = a match made in heaven! ♥

The King of the day. Happy Birthday!

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Sleep : Tasmania & Melbourne

Final post of Tasmania & Melbourne trip, at last! We have had enough of the “Eat” posts. So to end my Tas & Melb trip log, I shall talk about the next human basic needs that comes after eat - SLEEP!

Salamanca Terraces, Hobart - After long hour flights from Malaysia to Melbourne and from Melbourne to Tasmania, we spent our first night resting at Salamanca Terraces in Hobart. It’s a very spacious apartment with 2 bedrooms, kitchen, living room and a balcony overlooking the Salamanca Market which is open every Saturday.

View from the balcony of Salamanca Terraces

Swansea Beach Chalets, Swansea - A lovely cabin by the beach. It was like a dream come true. I had never stayed so near to the beach and had always wanted to stay at somewhere like this where I can walk out to the balcony anytime to enjoy a borderless sea view. But it can be a little chilly during winter especially at night. The cabin is not as spacious as other apartments that we rented but it has everything that we needed. Anyway, Chris and I slept in the smaller room for 2 nights and I’d have to say the room was really really tiny. We barely had space to open up our luggage! Also, one of the bed heaters was not working, so Chris had to sleep in cold…. Pity!

Cradle Mountain Wilderness Village – from sunny beach to freezing mountain! I thought.. “How am I going to sleep tonight, it’s so bloody cold!” but to my surprise, I had the best sleep of the entire trip that night. The reason was simple – the heater in our room was working well! :D Seriously, heater is absolutely important during winter! But of course that’s not the only reason why I slept so well. It was also because of the room was very well furnished, the bed was very comfortable, the lighting was very calming, the ceiling was high and together with the soft music playing on Chris’s Iphone – I dozed off till the next morning and woke up feeling recharged :)

The name of Wilderness Village is not created without a reason. There is actually real wildlife around that area. For an instance, we had Possum and Wallaby visiting us at our balcony. We fed them with sweet corns but they left ‘poo poo’ for us, great!

Oh yes, did I mention that they upgraded us to Premium Spa Cottages for free? Now I know why everything seems so great! Anyway, the only spa facilities that I can see was a bath tub with Jacuzzi. But overall, I can’t find a single fault about this cottage! It’s perfect!

Citadines on Bourke Melbourne – Located in the heart of the city, modern and chic interiors, well-designed kitchen – these are just a few of its winning point. But it all comes with a price tag. This is possibly the priciest hotel/apartment that we have stayed in. Worth it or not – it depends on your personal preference and judgement. But we surely love this apartment to the bits :) 1 night is just too short!

Plum Serviced Apartments Southbank – Location is not the most ideal but the price is very competitive. Though not as new as Citadines but the apartment is well-kept in terms of their cleanliness and tidiness. If I were to find a fault, it would be the cigarettes odour that lingers in the living room although it is clearly stated in their policy that Plum Serviced Apartments is a non-smoking building. Seems like some irresponsible guests ignored the rules.

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