Friday, August 12, 2011

Eat : Tasmania

I must confess…..

I HATE editing food photos! ! It makes me hungry every single time…. GAHHH!

Now I’m craving for hand roll sushi and waffle and ABALONE!! Don’t edit food photos at night, especially after you have brushed your teeth (because you’ll have to struggle whether to eat and brush again / eat and skip the brushing / don’t eat at all)!

Ok, 2nd batch of Tasmania foodies ~

Our friend, KK, cooked us breakfast everyday while we were in Tasmania.

Carbonara spaghetti with salmon & gourmet sandwich.

Oysters from Barilla Bay. 1 dozen grilled with bacon, 1 dozen eaten raw.

Smoking hot Bangers & Mash. My breakfast in the cold Cradle Mountain.

Oysters as side dish. KK's grilled oysters were way better than this!
The Ugly Duck Out, Swansea.

Hot smoked Tasmanian salmon with teriyaki glace & rice – as much as I enjoyed eating the big plateful of rice, the sweetness of the teriyaki sauce didn’t seem to goes well with it. But overall, the ingredients were fresh and I have to mention about the friendly waitress there. She was very friendly and soft-spoken. In fact as far as I remember, I have never stumble upon any rude people in Tasmania or even Melbourne.

Whole river rainbow trout with rice (Selina’s)

East coast scallops

Chris was so sick with western food on the 5th day, thus we went for an overpriced chinese restaurant at Launceston, Me Wah.

Steamed fresh baby abalone. I don’t know why but looking back at this photo makes me wanna scream – I WANT TO EAT ABALONE! FRESH AND STEAMED ONE! WITH THE…WHATEVER SAUCE! I simply think that it’s nicer than braised one.
Superior shark’s fin.

Scallops with XO sauce and snow peas – the scallops were somewhat lack of seafood sweetness. Maybe dried scallop is better after all because it has a stronger aroma and taste.

Quick breakfast at Long Bar Café (Launceston airport) before departing back to Melbourne.
Look at the runny egg yolk inside the sandwich, YUMMMM!!

They name it the First Class Breakfast :D Can’t afford a first class seat but I can have first class breakfast! *self-cheering*

I ♥ FOAMMMM! *the foam monster*

Bye Tasmania ...... ( T ^ T )/~~~


  1. Heheheh I should take your advice.. dont look at food blogs at night... I feel so hungry now... *tummy rumbling* :P

  2. Lol!! Yes you should avoid doing that unless you don't mind adding a few inches to your waistline =D

  3. Cannot cannot... already too fat now :(


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