Thursday, August 25, 2011

Eat : Melbourne

Countdowning to long Raya holidays, woo hoo! My office is closing on the 2nd of Sept as well in conjunction of the Hari Raya & National Day. So I will have….. let me count ….. 6 days off in a row! But I got no planning though. Maybe just take it slow and easy, you know, laze in the bed with my stinky bolster or watch TV till my eyes drop! :D same ‘ol activities….

Caffeine fix at t’hooft, Bendigo.

This is it, the best waffle! Waffle with strawberry and lemon. The cream especially was very nice – smooth, creamy, buttery… ahhh I don’t know how to describe but yeah, it’s that good :9

The same goes to my Eggs Benedict. The hollandaise sauce portion and texture were just at the right balance. One thumb up!

Their little efforts to save the mother earth :)

A cuppa a day, keeps the sleepiness away…..
Tog’s Place at Castlemaine.

I wanted a light and easy breakfast that morning, so I went for yoghurt with honey and dried fruits. The yoghurt tasted a bit sour-ish when eaten alone. But with the companion of honey and dried fruits, it tasted just fine :)

As you can see it, it’s a BIG breakfast. For hungry pig ~OO~

Chocolate goodies from Chocolate Mill. I’m going to bring you all home! ^^

Chocolate ice cream ~

Something quirky – Chili hot chocolate. A bit of spiciness that can warm my throat down to my stomach, I like it!

Aiming to finish up my Melbourne & Tasmania post before the long holiday! *fingers crossed* ^^X

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