Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Eat : Melbourne

Whoopss, time to blog! Hmm, I shouldn’t make it sound like a task huh? Because I really do enjoy blogging if it’s not because of time constrain. It has been 2 months since I came back from the holiday trip and I have yet to finish my Tasmania & Melbourne post! How efficient…..

Our 1st Vietnam’s delight at Pho Mekong Vietnam at Melbourne, CBD.

Rice paper rolls – so light and refreshing. My kind of food.

Broken rice with chargrilled chicken

Vermicelli with spring rolls – the spring rolls were crispy but because it is a cold noodle salad, the vermicelli was more to the dry side. Wanted to try their rice noodle soup which is one of the most common and popular dishes in Vietnam, but the broth contains beef stocks :( However, after we have made our order, we found out in their menu that they do serve rice noodle soup in chicken broth upon request but ahhh, too late!

Handroll sushi galore!! Chris & I are crazy about handroll sushi from Sushi Sushi! Been missing it since the first time we had it last year. Spicy Prawn is my favourite but I love all of ‘em!

We had an uber-chic little kitchen in our studio apartment. So Chris & I decided to do a little cooking for that night. We went to the nearest supermarket as suggested by the helpful staff at the reception. We got ourselves some salmon fillets, fresh scallops, broccoli and also a pack of seasonings mix. For marinating, we used ginseng spice that we bought at 41° South.

Alright, to be honest, it doesn’t taste as nice as the picture may look :D But presentation-wise, not too bad right?

Dessert from Brunetti :)

Tea time at Daylesford town! A BIG bowl of seafood chowder (?) - very filling and comforting. And (Ling’s) Nachos with dip which I only eat the nachos because the dip had grounded beef.

Home-made steamboat at Ling & Dex's house, yay! Specially requested by Chris :D Chris was sick of western food already.


  1. Hehe the meal you cooked look nice. Never mind, practice makes perfect!

  2. Yes, you are right! But we were really short of cooking oil and the right seasonings. So we basically just throw anything that we had in :D


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