Friday, August 05, 2011

Castlemaine & Daylesford, Bendigo

Visitng Ling & Dex again at Bendigo, 2 hours away from the CBD. I was deep asleep in the train the entire 2 hours – I was too tired after days of travelling! But to be able to fall asleep while in the train and airplane is a gift :D Don’t you agree?

Joey’s ……… Café? :)

Again, Ling & Dex arranged a very fulfilling 1 day trip for us to Castlemaine & Daylesford which were about 1 hour away from Bendigo. These two towns were rather small and quiet but packed with small surprises :)

This wall might seem a bit eerie but we love it!

Super love this pix! Must ask Chris to get wide angle lens, tee hee.

If this is the exterior wall of your home, will you clean it? 唔好意思, 潔癖症又發作了 ……

Winter. Castlemaine. ’11.

REAL mineral water taken at Locarno Spring. Please ignore the bottle and focus on the ‘bubbly’ water inside. It had a “rusty” taste but I reckon that’s the taste of zinc and magnesium? :D

Lake Daylesford.

t’hooft. A cosy café in Bendigo.

Old and rusty bench. Dare to sit on it?

Thanks to Ling & Dex again for the FOC B&B, for being our tour guide, for cooking us the tastiest steamboat (in Bendigo only :P), for being our driver and everything! :)

Photos of food next!! Yay, finally!

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