Friday, August 26, 2011

Raya Holiday !

My company has just announced that this coming Monday is a holiday too! The best thing is; it’s free for us!! ♪( ⌒▽⌒)/ ~ I love 'em love 'em love 'em !

I’m too excited when I got the news that I jump and laugh and do silly acts! and I also posted the good news in my Skype, FB, MSN and HERE! I will have….. 9 days holiday in a row! That’s kind of too long for a person who has no planning to do anything yet, except celebrating Chris birthday :P

Wishing everyone Selamat Hari Raya Aildilfitri!

Maaf zahir & batin ~

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Eat : Melbourne

Countdowning to long Raya holidays, woo hoo! My office is closing on the 2nd of Sept as well in conjunction of the Hari Raya & National Day. So I will have….. let me count ….. 6 days off in a row! But I got no planning though. Maybe just take it slow and easy, you know, laze in the bed with my stinky bolster or watch TV till my eyes drop! :D same ‘ol activities….

Caffeine fix at t’hooft, Bendigo.

This is it, the best waffle! Waffle with strawberry and lemon. The cream especially was very nice – smooth, creamy, buttery… ahhh I don’t know how to describe but yeah, it’s that good :9

The same goes to my Eggs Benedict. The hollandaise sauce portion and texture were just at the right balance. One thumb up!

Their little efforts to save the mother earth :)

A cuppa a day, keeps the sleepiness away…..
Tog’s Place at Castlemaine.

I wanted a light and easy breakfast that morning, so I went for yoghurt with honey and dried fruits. The yoghurt tasted a bit sour-ish when eaten alone. But with the companion of honey and dried fruits, it tasted just fine :)

As you can see it, it’s a BIG breakfast. For hungry pig ~OO~

Chocolate goodies from Chocolate Mill. I’m going to bring you all home! ^^

Chocolate ice cream ~

Something quirky – Chili hot chocolate. A bit of spiciness that can warm my throat down to my stomach, I like it!

Aiming to finish up my Melbourne & Tasmania post before the long holiday! *fingers crossed* ^^X

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Eat : Melbourne

Whoopss, time to blog! Hmm, I shouldn’t make it sound like a task huh? Because I really do enjoy blogging if it’s not because of time constrain. It has been 2 months since I came back from the holiday trip and I have yet to finish my Tasmania & Melbourne post! How efficient…..

Our 1st Vietnam’s delight at Pho Mekong Vietnam at Melbourne, CBD.

Rice paper rolls – so light and refreshing. My kind of food.

Broken rice with chargrilled chicken

Vermicelli with spring rolls – the spring rolls were crispy but because it is a cold noodle salad, the vermicelli was more to the dry side. Wanted to try their rice noodle soup which is one of the most common and popular dishes in Vietnam, but the broth contains beef stocks :( However, after we have made our order, we found out in their menu that they do serve rice noodle soup in chicken broth upon request but ahhh, too late!

Handroll sushi galore!! Chris & I are crazy about handroll sushi from Sushi Sushi! Been missing it since the first time we had it last year. Spicy Prawn is my favourite but I love all of ‘em!

We had an uber-chic little kitchen in our studio apartment. So Chris & I decided to do a little cooking for that night. We went to the nearest supermarket as suggested by the helpful staff at the reception. We got ourselves some salmon fillets, fresh scallops, broccoli and also a pack of seasonings mix. For marinating, we used ginseng spice that we bought at 41° South.

Alright, to be honest, it doesn’t taste as nice as the picture may look :D But presentation-wise, not too bad right?

Dessert from Brunetti :)

Tea time at Daylesford town! A BIG bowl of seafood chowder (?) - very filling and comforting. And (Ling’s) Nachos with dip which I only eat the nachos because the dip had grounded beef.

Home-made steamboat at Ling & Dex's house, yay! Specially requested by Chris :D Chris was sick of western food already.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Eat : Tasmania

I must confess…..

I HATE editing food photos! ! It makes me hungry every single time…. GAHHH!

Now I’m craving for hand roll sushi and waffle and ABALONE!! Don’t edit food photos at night, especially after you have brushed your teeth (because you’ll have to struggle whether to eat and brush again / eat and skip the brushing / don’t eat at all)!

Ok, 2nd batch of Tasmania foodies ~

Our friend, KK, cooked us breakfast everyday while we were in Tasmania.

Carbonara spaghetti with salmon & gourmet sandwich.

Oysters from Barilla Bay. 1 dozen grilled with bacon, 1 dozen eaten raw.

Smoking hot Bangers & Mash. My breakfast in the cold Cradle Mountain.

Oysters as side dish. KK's grilled oysters were way better than this!
The Ugly Duck Out, Swansea.

Hot smoked Tasmanian salmon with teriyaki glace & rice – as much as I enjoyed eating the big plateful of rice, the sweetness of the teriyaki sauce didn’t seem to goes well with it. But overall, the ingredients were fresh and I have to mention about the friendly waitress there. She was very friendly and soft-spoken. In fact as far as I remember, I have never stumble upon any rude people in Tasmania or even Melbourne.

Whole river rainbow trout with rice (Selina’s)

East coast scallops

Chris was so sick with western food on the 5th day, thus we went for an overpriced chinese restaurant at Launceston, Me Wah.

Steamed fresh baby abalone. I don’t know why but looking back at this photo makes me wanna scream – I WANT TO EAT ABALONE! FRESH AND STEAMED ONE! WITH THE…WHATEVER SAUCE! I simply think that it’s nicer than braised one.
Superior shark’s fin.

Scallops with XO sauce and snow peas – the scallops were somewhat lack of seafood sweetness. Maybe dried scallop is better after all because it has a stronger aroma and taste.

Quick breakfast at Long Bar Café (Launceston airport) before departing back to Melbourne.
Look at the runny egg yolk inside the sandwich, YUMMMM!!

They name it the First Class Breakfast :D Can’t afford a first class seat but I can have first class breakfast! *self-cheering*

I ♥ FOAMMMM! *the foam monster*

Bye Tasmania ...... ( T ^ T )/~~~

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Eat : Tasmania

Woo hoo! Time for foodies! Hmm, after viewing at the bunch of photos, I think I shall cut it into a few post. Otherwise, it would be too congested to stuff in all into a single post. Sorry, I’m a neat-freak. Even my blog post has to be neat ☆彡( ´ ▽ ` )

Butterscoth & chocolate slice at Salamance Market. It was rather hard to chew and can be too sweet for people who is not a sweet tooth but I enjoyed the rich butterscotch taste.

Richardson’s Bistro at Freycinet Lodge.

Al fresco dining area overlooking the Great Oyster Bay. Chris & I thought dining at their open area was the perfect idea despite the hot sun but no we were wrong! I mean, the view was great but the sun was simply too burning that afternoon.

Grilled west coast salmon served on tagliatelle pasta with pesto and rocket. The salmon was thick enough and cooked till medium rare – perfect. Chris also enjoyed the sundried tomatoes that were tossed together with the pasta. If the pasta can be a little less oily, this dish would be perfect.

Lodge made burgers - Huon aquaculture atlantic salmon with aioli. The salmon patty and burger bun were more to the dry side. I nearly choked as I was rushing to finish it due to time constrain.

Salmon Rillettes with toasts at 41° South. As I’ve mentioned earlier, one of the best meal I’ve had in Tasmania. It doesn’t need to be a 5 star restaurant to have a memorable meal. A simple meal in a tranquil surrounding, with a hint of green grass smell in the air….. that’s all it takes.

Dinner at The Grey Gum at Cradle Mountain. This is Grilled salmon served on a bed of risotto. The risotto was creamy and very comforting. Somehow, it reminded me of chinese porridge.

Are you hungry yet?? Well, I AM!

Friday, August 05, 2011

Castlemaine & Daylesford, Bendigo

Visitng Ling & Dex again at Bendigo, 2 hours away from the CBD. I was deep asleep in the train the entire 2 hours – I was too tired after days of travelling! But to be able to fall asleep while in the train and airplane is a gift :D Don’t you agree?

Joey’s ……… Café? :)

Again, Ling & Dex arranged a very fulfilling 1 day trip for us to Castlemaine & Daylesford which were about 1 hour away from Bendigo. These two towns were rather small and quiet but packed with small surprises :)

This wall might seem a bit eerie but we love it!

Super love this pix! Must ask Chris to get wide angle lens, tee hee.

If this is the exterior wall of your home, will you clean it? 唔好意思, 潔癖症又發作了 ……

Winter. Castlemaine. ’11.

REAL mineral water taken at Locarno Spring. Please ignore the bottle and focus on the ‘bubbly’ water inside. It had a “rusty” taste but I reckon that’s the taste of zinc and magnesium? :D

Lake Daylesford.

t’hooft. A cosy café in Bendigo.

Old and rusty bench. Dare to sit on it?

Thanks to Ling & Dex again for the FOC B&B, for being our tour guide, for cooking us the tastiest steamboat (in Bendigo only :P), for being our driver and everything! :)

Photos of food next!! Yay, finally!
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