Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Back to the City!

I ♥ Melbourne City

After being surrounded by vast grass fields, endless mountains and never-ending long roads for about 5 days, we were back into the “steel forest” finally! Craving to hunt for AUD10 & below goodies! *a poor shopaholic*

You can’t see my shopping bag here because Chris was holding it for me, lol!

DIVA was having sales!! AUD5, 3, or 2 and some even AUD1 only! Can’t even get that price in pasar malam (night market)! Bought a lot of for myself and as souvenir. Freaking cheap compare to Malaysia (after discount though)!

And a COTTON ON fleece and knitted cap AUD10 each, a long cardigan AUD5… and a handful of useless stuffs…

Alright, end of shopping story.

My newly bought knitted cap. The price tag was still on :D

A cold and lonely harbour

In the slow-moving city tram….I was actually very tired after so many days of packing & unpacking.

Oh, did you notice my Twitpic at the sidebar? This works like a mini blog, which I can share some of the daily photos taken with my phone. Sometimes it’s a lot easier to post a short update rather than a lengthy one *lazy blogger*


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