Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Back to the City!

I ♥ Melbourne City

After being surrounded by vast grass fields, endless mountains and never-ending long roads for about 5 days, we were back into the “steel forest” finally! Craving to hunt for AUD10 & below goodies! *a poor shopaholic*

You can’t see my shopping bag here because Chris was holding it for me, lol!

DIVA was having sales!! AUD5, 3, or 2 and some even AUD1 only! Can’t even get that price in pasar malam (night market)! Bought a lot of for myself and as souvenir. Freaking cheap compare to Malaysia (after discount though)!

And a COTTON ON fleece and knitted cap AUD10 each, a long cardigan AUD5… and a handful of useless stuffs…

Alright, end of shopping story.

My newly bought knitted cap. The price tag was still on :D

A cold and lonely harbour

In the slow-moving city tram….I was actually very tired after so many days of packing & unpacking.

Oh, did you notice my Twitpic at the sidebar? This works like a mini blog, which I can share some of the daily photos taken with my phone. Sometimes it’s a lot easier to post a short update rather than a lengthy one *lazy blogger*


Thursday, July 21, 2011

41° South Salmon, Honey & Dangerous Acts In The Middle Of The Road


Nah, not this. This is nothing compare to the next photo.


And we still can laugh out loud as if we have done something brilliant….

A very friendly dog living in 41° South. He loves Selina.

We came across 41° South Salmon & Ginseng Farm in a TV programme and we thought, we must go there!

Salmon feeding pond. Beware, don’t fall into the hungry salmon pond!

They breed salmons and make them into smoked salmon and rillettes which you can buy and bring back to home as souvenir. In case you are wondering, the smoked salmon is seal-packed and can last up to 3 days without refrigeration. Beside salmon, we also bought their leatherwood ginseng honey and ginseng spice. The ginseng spice is good for marinating meat or as what you can think of like sprinkle on top of the spaghetti or soup. Highly recommended!

Photobomb #1

Lunch time! Salmon Rillettes with toasts. I can still remember clearly the warmth of the sun on my skin, the little cottage on our left, the grass field in front of us and……. the salivating dog beside me! Although simple, but this is one of the best meals I’ve had in Tasmania.

Next stop: Honey Farm. Just about 10 minutes away from 41° South. It was out of our plan but since it’s so near and seems interesting, we dropped by to say HI to …..

The Busy BEEeee…….. :D (ok, very lame I know)

Free tasting of more than 50 kinds of Honey! Honey feast! I have a sweet lips after that ^3^

And ice-cream! Leatherwood & Blue Gum honey ice cream, YUM! :9

Ahhh, in a blink of an eye, it’s sunset time already. Guess what, it’s not even 6pm yet!

Sunset at Round Mountain

1 week passes by faster than I thought! I’m aiming to do 1 post a week. So far, I’m doing good :) So cheers to me & you! ^.^V~

Friday, July 15, 2011

Tahune Airwalk

It’s Friday Friday! Let’s make everything slow & easy…… and air-walk with me, into the green green forest…..

At the starting point of Tahune Airwalk

Camera is a useful props too :D

Airwalk-ing walking….

Surrounded by tall trees

Stopping every now and then for photos....

Breathing in the freshest air ~oo~

Huon River behind us

Standing on the extended cantilever, going to walk further to the viewing platform! Can you see the meeting point of the Picton and Huon Rivers? =)

Reached the viewing platform! Excited! I’m 48 metres above the ground!

Selina was suffering backache but managed to walk till the end. Overall, the entire walk was pretty easy and relaxing :)

And also some “tid-bits” of the day ~

A mini apple store beside the road. There was no one around, so it acts like an honesty box, to test you whether you can resist temptations :D Actually, we came across this cute apple store through a HK food programme and we were so excited we found it!

“If you choose to steal my produce I hope you choked!!!!” o.O…… If you notice, there is a CCTV installed, so never think of “grab & run”! Unless you wanna be a You Tube star! :D

Somewhere on the way to Tahune Airwalk. We saw this nice view and asked Uncle KK to “Stoppp the car!!” :D

Selina risked catching a cold by jumping down from the car without her jacket!

She is Cindy. Her owner rides her to a nearby café to get a cuppa :) Petrol saving!

The ultimate photobomb! The expression on my face: annoyed to the max -_-

Sunset at Barilla Bay. Our oyster feast plan demolished because the winter trading hours of the restaurant was:

Wed-Sun – Lunch
Fri-Sat – Dinner

And we were there on a Sunday…… =.=
But we bought back 2 dozens of oyster to eat though.

I think I left a bit of my heart here ♥

Monday, July 04, 2011

Jubilee Beach & Wineglass Bay

I can sit here for a whole afternoon......
but too bad, time was not enough!

So this is the balcony of our beach chalet at Jubilee Beach, Swansea! How can I not miss this cosy beach chalet? I reckon this is a dream house of many people, just the perfect place to retire at.

Ya, how I wish I could hear the sound of sea wave (real one!) to sleep every night! But heck, I might get bored after a month or so, lol! I’m just a typical city girl, forgive me… :D

When I was small, and Christmas trees were tall......
Alright, I know it's not Christmas tree but this lyric suits this picture too well :D

Footprint on Jubilee Beach. Our signature pose.

It can be quite cold at night staying at the beachside during winter as the wind is strong. While I was freezing my ass off at night, I was so hot the next day that I have to take off my jacket!


…... we climbed for more than an hour at Freycinet National Park to reach the Wineglass Bay lookout!

Chris nearly suffocated during the climb (sorry, I have to mention this again :D). We did stop halfway through at another lookout which is the Coles Bay lookout. The view was… awwww….
Nature is just amazing…. Especially for those living in the city, it’s good to go back to the nature once in a while to feel the nature, to appreciate the nature which is, a part of US!

Sorry for the lame panaroma shoot because we were in a hurry!

And finally, we reached the Wineglass Bay lookout! But it was already near sunset time, we had to run back down afterwards! Omg, so rush! So we able to snap only a few photos as we didn’t want to be trapped in the dark mountain o.O

Exhausted but loving every precious moment here.. as they sky was getting darker and darker........ we had to run!!

I'm glad we made it to the top together :')

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