Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Hot Air BaloOn Surprise!

It was supposed to be a surprise for me but well…. Chris blurted it out at the last minute, as always! Haha! (Sorry for spoiling your surprise plan once again :p)

It is one of my little dreams (I have way too much dreams!) to ‘fly’ in a hot air balloon, especially after watching a travel program ‘Last Paradise’ (現代塵世美) series 5

Inside the episode, the host, Wong Cho Lam, travelled across Australia. One part of the show, he went to a hot air balloon ride in Melbourne. The view was… absolutely STUNNING!

Chris secretly checked on the prices via internet but it is way too expensive to ride on a hot air balloon in Melbourne. But as a bonus, Chris found a charity campaign in Malaysia - with hot air balloon ride! At the right time and right place! Was that lucky or what?

But wait……

As nice as the photos might seem….we didn’t ride on it!! T.T…………..

According to the hot air balloon crew, it was rather windy that day. We waited for an hour or two but all we can see was a giant balloon laid flat on the grass… Also, we just found out that the ride was only 5 minutes per group. The organizer finally agreed to make a refund to us and that’s the end of the surprise-hot-air-balloon-ride story.

Surprise?? YES!!

Lucky? NO!


  1. Oh no - thats pretty unlucky... is this a yearly event?

  2. Hey Baby Sumo, I couldn't post any comment on your blog!! This happens since last week :(

  3. Oh no, sorry that you couldn't ride the balloon, next time will be the time!!! Nice pics :D

  4. Sunshine: Hopefully!! Wonder how it feels like flying in hot air balloon ~

  5. Hmmm, I'm not sure why you cant comment. Any error messages?

  6. It just keep on ask me to sign in, but I already did a few times.. also failed :(


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