Monday, May 30, 2011

Sleepy Monday

After all those weekend movie marathons and late night sleeps, more often than not, I would wake up with an extra heavy head and puffy eyes on a Monday morning. And then I would get my ass out from the bed, do my morning routine blurrily and drive to work half-awaken. When I’m finally in the office, sitting in front of the PC, I would start to regret why I didn’t go to bed early on Sunday night – you know, as always…

Well this picture tells it all…..




........ why do I...... feel so ..... sleepy... I think.... I really... need to... to...doze..... off... like.... noooooowwww.. zzzzZZZ

LOL!! He is Nicole’s 1 ½ month old baby boy, Ashraf :D

Yeah, I made it to the Fullmoon Party! Here, I’m going to throw in a few photos of the evening ~

1. Oppss, Ashraf's crying.......
2. Magic kiss coming *3*
3. One happy baby :P

Ohh, little boy fell asleep :)
Sus said I look very motherly here, lol! :P

Ashraf: Ooi Aunty, me sleeping.. can't you see?? can't you just leave me alone, for a while??

And a little souvenir for us! To be honest, I've been eye-ing on this the entire night! :D Too lovely to resist!

A bucket of love. Love 'em!

Home-made cookie by Nicole & Nalyssa. Isn't it cute? They name it the "NICOLE-DINSKY creation" :D

Despite all the blues, today is a good day :) My colleague, Sharon, cooked us Fried Noodles for breakfast (and lunch, because a lot of leftover). The noodles she used were brought back to KL all the way from her hubby’s hometown, Kuantan. Yummy!

Now it’s my turn to cook Fried Mihun tomorrow since I’ve promised them earlier, I have to DO IT! Although I have practised for a few times but.... OMG, I'm stressed!

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