Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Danny & Man Wai’s Wedding Dinner at Jerantut

Attended Chris’s cousin brother wedding dinner (bride’s side) all the way at Jerantut. About 4 hours away from where we are living! Jerantut is a small town at Pahang. It is basically a very simple and quiet (read: boring) town. The only place of interest would be Taman Negara (National Park). Anyway, it’s a very short trip as we only need to stay 1 night there where half of the evening was spent on queuing up for bathroom and dolling up for the dinner.

The dinner started at 6:30am, way earlier than wedding dinner at KL. But that also mean that the dinner ended very early and there’s nothing else we could do except going back to our 3-star hotel. I couldn’t fall asleep easily in stranger’s bed but what made it worst was the noises that came from the main road across the hotel – speeding motor and car and even lorry!

Ok, picture(sss) time!

All ready for the dinner!


Tattoooo!! I want a real one, please! :(

Chris was one of the photographers of the night.

Group photo with the bride & the groom, finally!

These are just a few photos that I picked from the bunch, I have lots more actually! But don't want to make my post too heavy-loaded with photos :P

Nice day!

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  1. lol...i thought some food photo will be showed...saw your nice photo pulak...


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