Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Joey talks: Her career

Noticed that I didn’t really talk much about myself in my blog. Personally I do not mind to share about myself, my thoughts and things that have been happening around me in my blog but when it comes to my career life, I’m tongue-tied.

To be honest, my career journey all along is not very impressive. To say it all, I’m an ambitionless person, floating aimlessly in the career land. To think at another point of view, it might be because I just haven’t got a job that I have passion in? Perhaps.

Hmm, passion? I have loads but real passion, I’m still figuring out or maybe too lazy to figure it out anyway. Working for me is just to earn a living.

I’m sure many will agree that it’s not easy to find a good company. In my career life so far, I’m lucky to have found 2 companies that I love working in. One is one of my ex-companies and another one is of course, the new company that I’ve joined recently. It’s a small organization but filled with a bunch of lovely people! I’m so thankful that I have to shout it out here. It has been great and enjoyable so far.

The lovely bunch - Sharon, Natalie, Majess & Brenda.
Not to forget my bosses (not in the picture), they are nice people too!

In such a lovely company, you wouldn’t mind to work a little extra and give 101% effort :)

All nicely made up & dressed for our office photoshoot ^^

I can smell a hint of passion is growing in me. Please let it last longer!

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Danny & Man Wai’s Wedding Dinner at Jerantut

Attended Chris’s cousin brother wedding dinner (bride’s side) all the way at Jerantut. About 4 hours away from where we are living! Jerantut is a small town at Pahang. It is basically a very simple and quiet (read: boring) town. The only place of interest would be Taman Negara (National Park). Anyway, it’s a very short trip as we only need to stay 1 night there where half of the evening was spent on queuing up for bathroom and dolling up for the dinner.

The dinner started at 6:30am, way earlier than wedding dinner at KL. But that also mean that the dinner ended very early and there’s nothing else we could do except going back to our 3-star hotel. I couldn’t fall asleep easily in stranger’s bed but what made it worst was the noises that came from the main road across the hotel – speeding motor and car and even lorry!

Ok, picture(sss) time!

All ready for the dinner!


Tattoooo!! I want a real one, please! :(

Chris was one of the photographers of the night.

Group photo with the bride & the groom, finally!

These are just a few photos that I picked from the bunch, I have lots more actually! But don't want to make my post too heavy-loaded with photos :P

Nice day!
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