Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Nalyssa’s 3 Years Old Birthday Party

Forcing the birthday girl to have a photo with me.

It was Nalyssa’s 3 years old birthday! Did I mention that she is a cute, sweet and cheeky little girl? Her sweet voice can melt my heart ~

It’s a Mickey themed party. Each of us had to wear a hairband with Mickey’s ears which was handmade by Nicole herself. Consequently, there was a bunch of grown-ups with Mickey’s ears wandering around – a funny sight :)

Oppsss, camwhore break :p

Thinking back, I never had such birthday party during my childhood. During good times, my parents would buy me a cake… otherwise, it would be just like any normal days, but mom would at least make me some “red eggs” (It’s a chinese culture, symbolizes prosperities and good luck) :) Oh, the same goes to Bel & Sus - they never had such a happening birthday party during childhood too. Kids nowadays are rather lucky, aren’t they?

Well done, mummy Nic!

On a side note, we really have to give a round of applause to Nicole because she’s due in the next two weeks but yet, she managed to organize an eventful birthday party for her girl. She is a hyperactive mum! In a month or two, she will need to organize yet another party – her baby’s boy fullmoon!


  1. Kids nowadays are very lucky! They get spoilt a lot by their parents.

    But I'm sure we were all loved the same by our parents, big party or not :)

  2. True, birthday can still be meaningful even without big celebration :)

  3. I rarely have huge celebrations!

  4. That's got to be the cutest idea, a Mickey theme party, loved it!!!

  5. Michelle: Same here!

    Sunshine: Absolutely! Can we do the same too? But I afraid I'm too old for that. Lol!


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