Monday, February 21, 2011

"兔"气杨眉, 初二

A day of visiting relative’s house on a hot and humid day! Sweaty and sticky and tired…. This year was a bit special though because the 6 of us (including Chloe) were in the same car – the complete set of “Crazy Cousin Sis”! We made the car our mini disco – we sing, we dance, we shake and got crazy in the car! Thanks Nicole for being the driver (I hope you don’t need to service your car after that) :P

We also watched Lion Dance at my sis in law’s parent’s house. I especially enjoyed the long gossiping session at my uncle’s house (last station of the day) until the wee hours. It’s a good way to know what has been happening in the family; even if we can’t provide any good help but we can at least mentally support each other =)

Sometimes I’m amazed at how well we can bond with each other. I can’t say it’s perfect but it’s…. GREAT! We don’t meet each other everyday, we often poke at each other but we are great companions to each other (I hope). In one word, we are a CRAZY BUNCH! =)

I stick on bracelet tattoo again, love 'em so much!

You're in my heart just like a tattoo.... Loving my (faux) tattoo! :D

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