Thursday, February 10, 2011

"兔"气杨眉, 初一

I was down with bad sore throat and cough during the 1st day of CNY. Went to see doctor with all my make up and new dress on and the doctor just gave me some very light medicine for my sore throat, not even antibiotics or proper medicine for my very bad sore throat! Perfect day! T.T

All red. Red = Prosperity.

Back to Grandma’s house even was feeling unwell because I can’t afford to miss the biggest day of the year! I could as well missed camwhoring with all my cousin sis if I go back home instead. Lucky thing was, camwhore can cure my sickness temporarily. I can barely speak loudly due to the sore throat but I can smile to the camera as if I was not sick at all :D

To be honest, the 1st day of CNY this year was …. hmm… a boring one! Some were sick, some were not feeling well, some went back early, no gambling session…. just not as fun as before. But we, the 5 cousin sis, made it all up at night. We chatted and played a “fun” game for the entire evening. To cut it short, the rules of the game is - the one who got the joker card is the King who can randomly pick 2 person in the group and instruct them to do things like dancing, singing, sexy catwalk… anything at all! It’s fun to watch back all the videos and photos now :D

The Crazy Bunch

It’s always good having them around.


  1. Seriously, I cant stop laughing while watching the video we took on the first night of cny...haha... what a funny game that stronger our bond.... we forgot all the sickness and unhappy stuff that happens...hope to have fun again with you girls...haha... nxt time we have to bring maggee cup la...^^

  2. LOL, we really had a great time together :D We'll have more coming up, hopefully!


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